What Price Glory

Title: What Price Glory

Author: Erno Rapee

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1926


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Erno Rapee

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  1. At Screening: MARCH THEME “Semper Fidelis March” by Sousa
  2. Marching Troops halt: “Dismissal”
  3. Sergeant Quirt: “Marine Hymn”
  4. Man Seen Being Tattooed: CAPTAIN THEME “Down By The Winegar Woiks” by Donovan
  5. Sergeant Seen; Repeat No.3 “Marine Hymn”
  6. Sergeant Walks over To Man Being Tatooed: RAZZING THEME “No.1 from ‘Three Grotesque Themes’” by Rapee
  7. Girl Seen; “The Sunshine of Paradise Alley from ‘Old Chesnuts’” by Lake
  8. Sergeant Shows Lady’s Garter: “Red Hot Mamma” by Rose
  9. Here’s To The Marines: Repeat No.3 “Marine Hymn”
  10. Monkey Sticks Knife Into Sergeant: Repeat RAZZING THEME
  11. Girl Goes To Window: Repeat No.7 “Sunshine of Paradise Alley”
  12. Second Sergeant Comes Into Room; Repeat RAZZING THEME
  13. Two Sergeants Sit Down With Girl: “The Vamp” by Gay
  14. Two Sergeants Arguing: “Tensive Allegro” by Aborn
  15. After Fight—Sergeant Embraces Girl: Repeat No.7 “Sunshine of Paradise Alley”
  16. Later—In The Philippines: “Aloma” by Bowers
  17. Big Sergeant Comes Out of Saloon: Repeat RAZZING THEME
  18. France—1914: WAR THEME by Rapee
  19. Then, In 1917: Repeat MARCH THEME
  20. Captain Gives Orders: Dismissal
  21. Freckle-Faced Youth Seen: Repeat RAZZING THEME
  22. Soldiers March Over To Captain; Repeat MARCH THEME
  23. French Officer Seen: “La Pere de la Victoire” by Ganne
  24. This is Cognac Pete: “Madelon” by Robert
  25. Charmaine: VAMP THEME “Mon Homme” by Yvain
  26. After Girl Leaves Room: “A la Paree” by Verdin
  27. Cognac Pete: “Sweet Adeline from ‘Old Chesnuts’” by Lake
  28. Comedy Team Stops Singing: COMEDY THEME “No.2 from ‘Three Grotesque Theme’” by Rapee
  29. United Cigar Coupons Seen: “Cheatin’ On Me” by Pollack
  30. Give Zem Nothing Free: “Prelude to ‘Parlor Comedy’” by Baron
  31. Comedians Walk Up To Girl: “Blue Law Blues” by Lake
  32. Jewish Soldier Smells Odor: “Mazel Tof” by Fleischmann
  33. Captain Enters: Repeat CAPTAIN THEME
  34. Jewish Soldier Goes To Girl; Repeat No.32 “Mazel Tof”
  35. Comdian Seen Swaying: “Rock-a-bye Baby” by Luz
  36. Comedian Runs Out of House: Timany Rumble
  37. Comedian Falls Into Water: Repeat COMEDY THEME
  38. Change of Scene To Sergeant and Girl: Repeat VAMP THEME
  39. Fade-Out of Sergeant and Girl; “Mess Call”

SEGUE: “La Coquette” by Onivas

  1. About Face: Face to the Rear
  2. Girl Seen: Repeat No.24 “Madelon”
  3. Funny Team Seen: Repeat COMEDY THEME
  4. Change To Girl and Sergeant: Repeat VAMP THEME
  5. Messenger Arrives: Snare Drum Roll (very softly)
  6. Trumpeter Seen: Assembly Call

SEGUE: “Galloping Furies” by Rapee

  1. Captain Gives Orders To March: Repeat MARCH THEME
  2. FadeOut of Marchers: Repeat WAR THEME
  3. Big Gun Seen: “The Battle” by Borch
  4. Man Laid On Stretcher: Taps
  5. Change of Marching Soldiers: Repeat WAR THEME
  6. Girl Sees Captain; LOVE THEME “Charmaine” by Rapee
  7. Replacements: Repeat MARCH THEME
  8. What Was Your Job: “Military Tactics” by Rosey
  9. Fade-Out of Boy; “At Evening from ‘Three French Songs’’ by Debussy
  10. Captain Calls Next Soldier: “Drill from ‘Military Tactics’” by Rosey
  11. Change of Scene Tgo Home: “Ain’t We Got Fun” by Whiting
  12. Captain Shakes Soldier’s Hand: Repeat No.53 “Military Tactics”
  13. There’s Something Rotten: Repeat WAR THEME
  14. Young Soldier Walks Up To Captain: “Memories” by Blossom
  15. Diplomacy Is Always A Part: Repeat VAMP THEME
  16. Captain Sees Newcomer: Repeat RAZZING THEME
  17. You’ve Been A Jinx To Me: “Appassionato No.1” by Rapee-Axt
  18. Soldier Seen Razzing: Repeat RAZZING THEME
  19. Gentlemen, This Is: “He’s A Devil In His Own Home Town” by Berlin
  20. Drill: Repeat No.55 “Drill”
  21. Girl Bends To Keyhole: Repeat LOVE THEME
  22. Rain—Muck: “Memories of Home and Mother” by Baron
  23. Second Man Seen Reading Letter: “I Miss My Swiss” by Baer
  24. Change of Scene To Girl: Repeat LOVE THEME
  25. Bar-Le-Duc: “Mariette” by Sterny
  26. Fade-Out of Bar-Room: “Memories of Home and Mother” by Baron
  27. Change of Scene To Motorcycle: Repeat No.70 “Mariette”
  28. Fade-Out of Girl Running Into Bar: “More Candy” by Kaufman
  29. Motorcycle Turns Over: Timpany Crash and Rumble
  30. Vive La France: “La Marseillaise”

SEGUE: “Tender Memories” by Rapee-Axt

  1. Change of Scene To Soldier Reading Letter: “More Candy” by Kaufman
  2. Watch Yourself: Captain’s Call

SEGUE: “General Lejeune” by Branson

  1. Orderly Goes Out: Repeat RAZZING THEME
  2. Sir, Civilian Outside: “A Funny Story” by Kay

SEGUE: “Animal Cartoonix No.1” by Aborn

  1. Captain Sees Armbands on Sergeant: Repeat VAMP THEME
  2. Tell Him To Name The Man: “Recitative Heroique” by Rapee
  3. Captain Opens Telegram: “First Call—Assembly of Buglers”

SEGUE: “Prelude in G Minor” by Rachmaninoff

  1. Change of Scene To Man on Manure Pile: “Animal Cartoonix No.2” by Aborn
  2. Mayor and Soldier Arrive In Captain’s Headquarters: “L’Amour Redempteur” by Gabriel Marie
  3. Girl Says Mutely “No”: “Appassionato No.47” by Berge
  4. Sergeant Starts Laughing: Repeat RAZZING THEME
  5. Sergeant Puts Hands To His Nose: Asssembly Call—Trumpet Solo


  1. I’ll Be Back First: Timpany Roll
  2. Trumpeter Seen: Assembly Call
  3. Girl Seen On Balcony: Repeat LOVE THEME
  4. Young Boy Goes Up To Girl: Repeat No.67 “Memories of Home and Mother”
  5. Girl Alone on Balcony: Repeat LOVE THEME
  6. Aw, Go and Jump Into the Creek; Repeat CAPTAIN THEME
  7. Aw, Go and Swim The Channel: “Oh! Frenchy” by Conrad

SEGUE: Assembly Call

  1. Soldiers Start Marching: Repeat MARCH THEME
  2. Night, Flares Against: “Military Hurry No.1” by Levy

SEGUE: “The Battle of San Juan Hill” by Sweet

  1. Follow Me: Charge

SEGUE: “Military Hurry No.1” by Levy

  1. Thru The Scarlet Night: “Peer Gynt Suite No.2” by Grieg
  2. Captain Flagg: Repeat No.67 “Memories of Home and Mother”
  3. Dead Boy Is Uncovered: “Repeat WAR THEME
  4. After Captain Gets Up: “4th From ‘Pathetique Symphony’” by Tschaikowsky
  5. Change To Battlefield: “battle on the Marne” by Borch
  6. Then When The Blood: Marine Hymn
  7. Bravo Captain Flagg; Repeat RAZZING THEME
  8. Red Cross Ambulance Seen: “The Rose of No Man’s Land” by Caddigan


  1. Change of Scene To French Village: Repeat LOVE THEME
  2. And Ze Big Captain: Repeat CAPTAIN THEME
  3. And Ze Mother’s Boy: Repeat No.67 “Memories of Home and Mother”


SEGUE: Few low Chimes—B flat

  1. Change of Scene To Porch: “Keep Your Head Down, Fritzie Boy” by Gitz Rice
  2. American Soldiers Seen Razzing: Repeat RAZZING THEME
  3. Change of Scene To Sick Man and Nurse: Repeat LOVE THEME
  4. Captain Seen: CAPTAIN THEME


  1. Sergeant Coming Downstairs: Repeat LOVE THEME


  1. So You Sneaked Around And Beat Me Back: “Tragic Parting” by Hauenschild
  2. Take Your Arm Away: “Recitative No.1” by Rapee-Axt
  3. High Man Takes The Girl: “The Hour of Ghosts” by Becce
  4. Sergeant Throws Lamp: Gun Shot Effect and Timpany Rumble
  5. Captain Comes Back Into Room: Repeat LOVE THEME
  6. The Company Has Been: “Agitated Misterioso” by Rapee
  7. Trumpeter Seen: Assembly Call—Open Trumpet Very Loud
  8. Charmaine Girl; To The Color
  9. The Bugle Sounds: Repeat No.3 “Marine Hymn”
  10. Lovers Seen: Repeat LOVE THEME
  11. Lover Embraces Girl: To The Color
  12. Goodbye Charmaine: Repeat LOVE THEME
  13. Soldier Starts Leaving Room: Repeat MARCH THEME

SEGUE: Play 2nd half of LOVE THEME “FF” in March Tempo

SEGUE: Play Marine Theme Twice

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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