Chicken a la King

Title: Chicken a la King

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At screening: “I Still Love You” by Ager
  2. Marriage is like: “Happy Moods” by Marquardt
  3. Insert of letter: “Auld Lang Syne” by Catlin
  4. We’ve been very happy: “Together” by Henderson
  5. A telegram for you: “Zigzag” by Ferber
  6. Brother arrives: “The Joker” by Srawley
  7. Group sit down at breakfast table: “Bubbles” by Gruenwald
  8. Cigarette seen on book: “Fruhlingsliebe” by Pasternack
  9. Change of scene to chorus girls: “Oh Baby!” by Murphy
  10. Chorus girls leave stage: “Without You Sweetheart” by Henderson
  11. You want Miss Lorraine: “A Game of Tag” by Trinkaus
  12. Horace enters girls’ dressing room: “Just Another Day Wasted Away” by Tobias
  13. Oscar enters backstage of theatre: Repeat No. 6 “The Joker”
  14. You brute! You are: “The Curse Of An Aching Heart” by Piantodosi
  15. Oscar leaves dressing room: Repeat No. 6 “The Joker”
  16. I could learn to love: “What Do You Say?” by Ager
  17. Girl friend returns to dressing room: “Daddy, You’ve Been A Mother To Me” by Fisher
  18. But being a daddy: “He’s A Ladies’ Man” by Henderson
  19. Messenger knocks on door: “En Visite” by McDonald
  20. Horace leaves table: Repeat No. 17 “Daddy, You’ve Been A Mother To Me”
  21. Wife seen coming out of elevator: “Anxiete” by Srawley
  22. Girl leaves room with bankroll: “Gigue” by Bradford
  23. Change of scene back to Babe’s room: Repeat No 18 “He’s A Ladies’ Man”
  24. Oscar enters Babe’s room to warn Horace: “Comic Hurry” by O’Hare
  25. Effie enters Babe’s room: “Loves Glamour” by Varley
  26. Horace without hat and coat seen pacing in front of home: “Much Ado About Nothing” by Srawley
  27. Why Horace – what: “In A Cozy Corner” by Bratton
  28. Close-up of Babe: “The Best Things In Life Are Free” by Henderson
  29. Effie comes into Babe and friend’s room: “There Must Be A Silver Lining” by Donaldson
  30. Horace seen: “Is It A Sin – My Loving You?” by Leopold
  31. Horace interrupts singing: Repeat No. 18 “He’s A Ladies’ Man”
  32. That’s what comes of: “The Gold Digger” by Hanley
  33. Effie returns to girls: “Comedy Allegro” by Haines
  34. Horace re-enters Babe’s room: “Not Guilty!” by Kempinski
  35. Horace meets Oscar: Repeat No. 6 “The Joker”
  36. Change of scene back to Effie and girls: “Requitted Love” by Rollinson
  37. Insert of telegram: “Lords and Ladies” by Salzer
  38. Oscar enters office: “Comedy Excitement” by Zamecnik
  39. This is terrible!: “Allegro” from Symphonette by Berge
  40. Change of scene to girls’ apartment: Repeat No. 10 “Without You Sweetheart”
  41. Exterior scene- raining: “Rain” by Ford
  42. Change of scene back to apartment: “Dramatic Tension No. 44” by Borch
  43. Horace enters apartment: “Demande d’Amour” by Drigo
  44. Oscar knocks on door: “Scherzo Serioso” by Lowitz
  45. Oscar and girl seen outside of apartment: Repeat No. 32 “The Gold Digger”
  46. Horace seen alone: “Eccitamento” by Retlaw
  47. Oscar starts fighting with girl: “Farcical Allegro” by Aborn
  48. Horace Trundle – my: “La Folie” by Franceschi
  49. Husband kisses wife’s hand: Repeat No. 1 “I Still Love You”
  50. Merciful heaven!: “Elopement” by Carrozzini
  51. Wife seen crying: Repeat No. 6 “The Joker”
  52. Effie takes off her coat: Repeat No. 1 “I Still Love You”

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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