Telling the World

Title: Telling the World

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: WHITE “Mem’ries” by Sanford (M. Witmark and Sons)
  2. It is Said: BROWN “High Hat” by Johnson (Robbins Music Corp)
  3. Your Handy Suit: “Wild Flowers” by Marquardt (Music Buyers Corp)
  4. Fade-Out of Newspaper Office: Repeat No. 2 (BROWN)
  5. Fade-Out After Reporter Leaves Father’s House: “Mirth and Merriment” by Delille (Belwin Inc.)
  6. The Lobster Shift: “A Merry Story” by May (Robert Rohle)
  7. Blue Bird Café: “I’ll Just Roll Along” by DeRose (Irving Berlin)
  8. Three Men Seen at Table: “Mysterious Blues” by Zamecnik (Sam Fox)
  9. Well, Where’s the Boss?: “Is It Gonna Be Long?” by Abbot (Leo Feist Inc)
  10. Haines Walks to Telephone Booth “Incid. Symphony No. 6” by Kempinski (Photo Play)
  11. Girl Enters Room: Repeat No. 9 “Is It Gonna Be Long?”
  12. End of Dance: “Evil Plotter” by Zamecnik (Sam Fox)
  13. The Girl’s Okay Chief: “A Summer Morning” by Ewing (Sam Fox)
  14. Say Buddy, I’m Still Waiting: Repeat No. 2 (BROWN)
  15. Haines Falls Asleep: WHITE “Mem’ries” by Sanford (M. Witmark and Sons)
  16. Alarm Clock Rings: LT. BLUE “Symphonic Incidentals No. 8” by Marquardt (Music Buyers)
  17. Haines Runs From Girl’s Room: Repeat No. 2 (BROWN)
  18. Haines Runs Out of Office: Repeat No. 16 (LT. BLUE)
  19. Girl Drops Bundle on Street: “On the Riviera” by Baron (Carl Fischer)
  20. Girl Gets Glass of Water: Repeat No. 15 (WHITE)
  21. Stop with Accent as Girls Interrupts Lovers: “Love’s Chatter” by Mendoza (Robbins Music Co.)
  22. Speaking of Foreign Travelling: Repeat No. 15 (WHITE)
  23. Landlady Interrupts [unreadable]: “Intermezzo” by Crist (Carl Fischer)
  24. I’m Going to Take You Away: Repeat No. 16 (LT. BLUE)
  25. One Rain Scene: “Brunette or Blonde” by Waldteufel (Carl Fischer)
  26. Haines Plays with Girl’s Toes: BROWN “High Hat” by Johnson (Robbins Music Corp)
  27. Haines Cathes Girls After Title: “Naughty Bump Here”: Repeat No. 15 (WHITE)
  28. Telephone Bell After Title: “Gee, You’re A Funny Kid”: “His Lady Love from ‘Aphrodite Suite’” by Jebe (Photo Play Music)
  29. Telephoning Scene: LT. BLUE “Symphonic Incidentals No. 8” by Marquardt (Music Buyers)
  30. Haines Knocks at Room Door: Repeat No. 15 (WHITE)
  31. Three Weeks Later: “Premier Amour” by Benoist (C. Schrimer)
  32. Toward Shanghai: “Almond Eyes” by Schoenfeld (Photo Play Music)
  33. Stop with Crash as Haines Falls Off Rickshaw: “Hanako” by Aletter (E.B. Marks)
  34. I’m Don Davis: Repeat No. 26 (BROWN)
  35. Sanking: “Chinese Moon” by Nussbaum (Sam Fox)
  36. End of Dressing Room Scene: “In An Opium Den” by Aborn (Belwin Inc)
  37. Shot Fired (Segue Quick): “In Hong-Kong Street” by Humphries (Emil Ascher)
  38. They’ve Assassinated the Governor: “By the Japanese Sea” by Hauenschild (Photo Play)
  39. It’s A Block for Beheading: “Incid. Symphony No. 14(A)” by Luz (Photo Play Music Co)
  40. Chinese Guard at Door Kicked Down: “Incid. Symphony No. 14(B)” by Luz (Photo Play Music Co)
  41. Girl Seen at Prison Cell Window: WHITE “Mem’ries” by Sanford (M. Witmark and Sons)
  42. American Consul’s Office: LT. BLUE “Symphonic Incidentals No. 8” by Marquardt (Music Buyers)
  43. Sun Seen on Horizon: “Recitativo Patetico” by Peele (Music Buyers Corp)
  44. Girl Taken Out of cell: “Heavy Drum Agitato No. 1” by Gomez (Photo Play Music)
  45. Aeroplanes Seen in Air: Repeat No. 42 (LT. BLUE)
  46. Don, Don: “Marine Hymn”
  47. Gee, This Story: Repeat No. 41 (WHITE)

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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