The General

Title: The General

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1927


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors:James C. Bradford

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1. At Screening: Dixie Queen by Brooks
2. The Western and Atlantic Flyer: Alabamy Bound by Green
3. There were Two Loves: I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
4. Enters House: The Parlor is a Pleasant Place by Crumit
5. Fort Sumpter Has Been Fired Upon: Light Cavalry by Suppe
6. Recruiting Station: Fantasie Dixie by Mollenhauser
7. Johnny Back at Locomotive: Dear Old Southland by Layton
8. A Year Later: My Own United States by Edwards
9. Insert-Marietta: Maryland, My Maryland by Beyer
10. Train Pulls Out: The Mill by Jensen
11. Passengers Alight from Train: Dram. Tension (Ancliffe)
12. Yankees Hop Train–Escape: Galop des Gendarmes by Cairanne
13. Those Men Stole My General: Comedy Galop by Fahrbach
14. Loads Cannon Again: Sawdust and Spangles by Hildreth
15. Johnny Bounces Ties from Track: The Steeplechase by Berge
16. The Southern Army: Old Folks at Home by Kretschumer
17. General Parker’s Victorious Army: Memories of the War by Laurendeau
18. Johnny Leaves Locomotive: Short Storm Scene by Hoff
19. Johnny Sneaks into House: March Burlesque by Gillet
20. Officers Leave Train: Ghost Scene by Broy
21. It Was So Brave of You: Pick Me Up and Lay Me Down by Ruby
22. After a Nice Quiet, Refreshing Night’s Rest: Humpy Dumpty’s Funeral March by Brandeis
23. Activity at Railroad: 1863 by Calvin
24. Johnny Starts Walking with Bag: Repeat No. 19, March Burlesque
25. Johnny Socks Officer: Cosmopolite by Labbe
26. We Must Pick Up More Wood: Thrills by Sanders
27. Engine Approaching: The Plunger by Allen
28. Get Away from Water Tower: Skaters Galop by Fahrbach
29. Pulls Switch: Military Galop by Barthman
30. The Northern Division: Around the Campfire by Seredy
31. Pours Kerosene Oil On Logs: Military Scene by O’Hare
32. Train Pulls into Station: Military Tactics by Rosey
33. Southern Commander at Head of Troop: American Fantasie by Herbert
34. Northern Soldiers at Switch: Repeat No. 32 Military Tactics
35. Battle Starts: Storm, Strife or Tempest by Ancliffe
36. Heroes of the Day: Dixie from “An American Battle Scene” by Tobani
37. Johnny Sees Officer on Floor of Engine: “Army of the Gray from “An American Battle Scene” by Tobani
38. Is That Your Uniform: Miracle of Love by McKee
39. He Puts On New Uniform Coat: Willie, We have Missed You from “Gems of Stephen Foster” by Tobani
40. Sits on Engine: Repeat No. 2 Alabamy Bound.


Source: Silent Cinema Presentations Inc./ Ben Model

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