The Girl Who Smiles (Selection)

The Girl Who Smiles (Selection)

Introduction – Teach Me to Smile – You Are My Little Cupid – A Honeymoon in May – Your Picture = The Story of a Sparrow – My Pauline – Who Is She – Oh Dear Marie – Let Us Dance (Temptation Waltz) – Dance My Goodbye – Finale, Teach Me to Smile

Briquet, Jean|Philipp, Adolf, 1864-1936

Lampe, J. B. (Jens Bodewalt), 1869-1929

Notated music

New York (N.Y.)

Jerome H. Remick & Co.


59 unnumbered pages

No handwritten markings present throughout. Missing front envelope with instrumentation information.

sheet music


California Lutheran College File Number: 1801

Orchestration copy notes: 1 Copy

Envelope file number: 1801


American Music Research Center



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