The Hidden Truth

Title: The Hidden Truth

Author: M. Winkler

Publisher: International, 1919


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: M. Winkler

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Theme: Because You Say Good-Bye by Levy
1. At Screening: Western Moderato by Redia
2. Interior of Barroom: Savannah One-Step by Rosey
3. Strange Figure: Theme
4. When I Get Through: A la Mode One-Step by Rosey
5. In New York: Love Song by Puerner
6. To Catch the Eastern: Forest Whispers by Losey
7. Taylor’s Aunt Who: Sleeping Rose Valse Lento by Borsch
8. The Easy Mark From: Theme
9. Crowd Applauding: Ifunhatin One-Step by Levy
10. The Eastern Mining Bird: Dramatic Recitative by Levy
11. Helen’s Heart Goes Out: Sorrow Theme by Roberts
12. None o’that Baby Stuff: Dramatic Agitato by Hough
13. Who Did This: Dramatic Suspense by Winkler
14. Myrtle’s Spirit: Continue pp.
15. With a Glowing First: Melody by Huerter
16. They Will Keep Her: Theme
17. Reed’s Cunningly: Among the Roses Moderato by Lake
18. Taking Density Into: Continue to action
19. Mr. Taylor Reading Letter: Dramatic Narrative by Pement
20. What Will Be: Birds and Butterflies Internezzo by Vely
21. The Magic Beauty: Theme
22. Guests Applauding: Ballerina’s Vision Valse by Brahams
23. And in the Silent Hours: After Sunset by Pryor
24. Elated at the First: continue pp.
25. At Risk of Loosing [sic]: Theme
26. Reed Returns with Facts: Dramatic Fantasia by Bach
27. Next Morning: Prelaume Dramatic by Rachmaninoff
28. Playing the Game Safe: Dreams of Devotion Dramatic by Langey
29. The Horrible Revelation: Bleeding Hearts andante by Levy
30. The Purchase of the: Agitato Appassionato by Borch
31. I Want You to Forgive Me: Theme

Notes: Character: Dramatic; Atmosphere: Western mining camp and New York society

Source: Library of Congress


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