The Lawless Legion

Title: The Lawless Legion

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Cameo Music Co., 1929


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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LOVE THEME: “Magic Love” by Bradford

  1. [Damaged]: “Le Seigneur de kermour” by Gabriel Marie
  2. [Damaged]…great drought: “The Shepherd” by Borch
  3. [Damaged]…attle on plains: “Revolt” by Palumbo
  4. [Damaged]: “Dramatic Conversation” by Becce
  5. [Damaged]….ght: “From the North” by Sibelius
  6. [Damaged]…ought stricken val-[Damaged]: “Angosciosamente” by Gabriel Marie
  7. [Damaged]…t of tents in distance: “March of the Phantom Hosts” by Axt
  8. [Damaged]…g back with Dad: LOVE THEME
  9. [Damaged]…poured in coffee: “Enigma” by Borch
  10. Bob Asleep At Tree: “Allegro Precipitoso” by Savino
  11. Next Morning: “Amorous Adventure” by Bradford
  12. Bob Pushes Over Man: “Galloping Furies
  13. On The Edge of the Rustlers Domaine: “La Rosita” by Du Pont
  14. I’m A Cattle Buyer: “Spanish Lace” by Hersom
  15. Exterior—Bob Follows Buyer: “Dramatic Allegro” by Savino
  16. The Secret Stronghold: “L’Arlesienne” by Bizet (“Prelude”)
  17. Say What Kind Of: “Enigma” by Borch
  18. I’m The Cattle Buyer: “La Foret Perfide” by Gabriel Marie
  19. Now You Will Tell Me: “The Captive” by Savino
  20. Come Into The Patio: “Dance Macabre” by Saint Saens
  21. Desang Grabs Lash: “Ferocity” by Carrozzonni
  22. Matsan Appears: “Le Seigneur de Kermour” by Gabriel Marie
  23. Wild Horse Released. Bob Strapped to His Back: “Dance of the Furies” by Gluck
  24. Tarzan Releases Bob: “Reverie D’Amour” by D’Aquin
  25. Flash To Saloon: “Tipsy” by Fassio
  26. You Gunnin’ for Me: “Furioso No.4” by Bergunker
  27. I’ve Found The Heard: “Dramatic Allegro” by Savino
  28. Flash To Desang, buyer, and Matsan: “Enigma” by Borch
  29. Bob Appears From Barrel: “Ruy Blas” by Mendelssohn
  30. Sunset Pass: “Furious Poursuite” by Gabriel Marie
  31. You Birds Are Going To Herd: “Furioso No.4” by Bergunker
  32. Hoofs He’s Coming: “Destruction” by Lowitz
  33. Village Street: LOVE THEME

NOTE: Partial Score

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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