The Thistle (Scotch Melodies)

The Thistle (Scotch Melodies)

1. The Campbells Are Comin’ Р2. My Love She’s but a Lassie Yet Р3. Blue Bonnets Р4. Bonnie Dundee Р5. The Laird O’ Cockpen Р6. The Lass O’ Gowrie Р7. Annie Laurie Р8. Auld Robin Gray Р9. Charlie Is My Darling Р10. Rachel Rae Р11. The Fairy Dance (Reel) Р12. A Highland Lad Р13. The Year That’s Awa’ Р14. The Land O’ the Leal Р15. A Man’s a Man for a’ That Р16. Caller Herrin’ Р17. Mary of Argyle Р18. The Keel Row Р19. The Barren Rocks of Aden Р20. The Black Bear Р21. There’s Nae Luck Aboot Hoose Р22. The De’Il Among the Tailors Р23. The Braes O’ Mar Р24. Auld Lang Syne

Myddleton, W. H. (William Henry), 1873-1950

Notated music

London (England)

Hawkes & Son


307 unnumbered pages

Slight amount of markings in pencil seen throughout.

sheet music

Conductor-piano (4 copies) ; flute & piccolo in C (5 copies) ; 1st clarinet in A (5 copies) ; 2nd clarinet in A (2 copies) ; 1st oboe (2 copies) ; 2nd oboe (2 copies) ; 1st bassoon (2 copies) ; 2nd bassoon (2 copies) ; 1st cornet in A (5 copies) ; 2nd cornet in A (4 copies) ; 1st horn in F (2 copies) ; 2nd horn in F (2 copies) ; 1st trombone (2 copies) ; 2nd trombone (2 copies) ; 3rd trombone (2 copies) ; baritone (2 copies) ; drums (5 copies) ; timpani (5 copies) ; 1st violin (9 copies) ; 2nd violin (8 copies) ; viola (6 copies) ; cello (12 copies) ; string bass (12 copies)

California Lutheran College File Number: 2163

Orchestration copy notes: 4 Copies

Envelope file number: 2163A


American Music Research Center



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