Title: Unknown

Author: Unknown

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, n.d.


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Unknown

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28. Buddy Appears in Hallway: BUDDY “Rosette” by Claypoole (Irving Berlin)

  1. Young Lady: DARROW “Hustle Bustle” by Delille (Irving Berlin)
  2. Well, Why Didn’t You Finish: LOVE “For A Girl Like You” by Rice (M. Witmark & Sons)
  3. Maid Enters Room: “There Ain’t No Sweet Man” by Fisher (Desilva, Brown, Henderson)
  4. You’d Better Go Now: LOVE “For A Girl Like You” by Rice (M. Witmark & Sons)
  5. It’s Your Father: “Spring Cleaning” by Bradford (Carl Fischer)
  6. Father Enters Room: “Chatter” by Kahn (Sonnemann)
  7. Maid On Ladder: MAID “Monkey Hop” by Rapee (Belwin)
  8. Buddy Appears at Door: BUDDY “Rosette” by Claypoole (Irving Berlin)
  9. You Can’t Make Me Cuckoo For Five Bucks: MAID “Monkey Hop” by Rapee (Belwin)
  10. The Difference Between: “Poupee Valsante” by Poldini (Carl Fischer)
  11. I Don’t Care What Happens: “Moto Perpetuo” by Byng (Hawkes & Son)
  12. Mouse Appears on Floor: “Astir” by Berge (Robbins Music Co.)
  13. I Guess He’s Crazy Too: “Rural Flirts” by Bradford (Belwin)
  14. You’ve Spoiled Everything: LOVE “For A Girl Like You” by Rice (M. Witmark & Sons)
  15. George Appears in Hallway: “Around the Sundial” by Castillo (Walter Jacobs)
  16. Maid Appears in Hallway: MAID “Monkey Hop” by Rapee (Belwin)
  17. Door Opens – Officers Enter: “Babilage” by Gillet (Carl Fischer)
  18. Let’s Go In: LOVE “For A Girl Like You” by Rice (M. Witma

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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