When the Flowers Bloom in Spring-Time (Medley Overture)

When the Flowers Bloom in Spring-Time (Medley Overture)

Ida-ho!; Are You Coming Out to Night Mary Ann?; Look Who’s Here; When the Flowers Bloom in the Spring Time; Home Sweet Home Sounds Good to Me; In the Evening by The Moonlight Dear Louise; Would You Leave Your Happy Home for Me?; Abraham Jefferson Washington Lee

Von Tilzer, Harry, 1872-1946

Evans, Everett J.

Notated music

New York (N.Y.)

Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub Co.


45 unnumbered pages

No handwritten markings seen throughout.

sheet music

1st flute (1 copy) ; 1st clarinet in A (1 copy) ; 1st cornet in A (1 copy) ; 2nd cornet in A (1 copy) ; 1st trombone B. C. (1 copy) ; drums (1 copy) ; 1st violin (1 copy) ; 2nd violin (1 copy) ; viola (1 copy) ; string bass (1 copy) ; cello (1 copy)

California Lutheran College File Number: 1244

Orchestration copy notes: 1 Copy no piano

Envelope file number: 1244



American Music Research Center




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