A Harp in Hock

Title: A Harp in Hock

Author: Rudolph Berliner

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1916


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Rudolph Berliner

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  1. At screening: “Streets of New York” from Red Mill by Herbert
  2. Abrams enters shop: “Der Rabi Hot Geheisen Lustig Sein” by Fleischman
  3. Don’t feel so bad: “Sadness” by Engleman
  4. There is a limit: “Bleeding Hearts” by Levy
  5. Through the days: “Starland” by O’Connor
  6. Woman carrying candle seen: “Tears” by Reyer
  7. Woman kisses beads: “Silent Woe” from Three Songs from Eliland by V. Fielitz
  8. It wasn’t so difficult: Repeat No. 2 “Der Rabi Geheisen Lustig Sein”
  9. Man enters eith tool box: “Frailach No. 5” by Ascher
  10. Fade-in—Dispensary—east side: “Miss Mischief” by Kempinski
  11. Timothy seen in shop: “Humoresque” by Tschaikovsky
  12. Two boys start fighting: “Rage” by Axt
  13. Doctor and Timothy in shop: “Little Trifler” by Barnard
  14. The night of the: “Springtime of Life” by Marquardt
  15. Doctor sees Nora leave in auto: “All Alone” by Berlin
  16. Why eat herring: “Listen to This” by Kaufman
  17. Insert—Violin—people dancing: “Steppin’ In Society” by Askt
  18. Doctor sees Nora: “Oh, You” by Suskind
  19. Doctor and Nora leave Abrams’ table: “Charmaine” by Rapee
  20. Nora and doctor stop dancing: “Lucky-Buck” by Levan
  21. Fade-in—Nora and doctor at stone wall: “Because I Love You” by Berlin
  22. Abrams seen in shop: “The Joker” by Srawley
  23. Timothy starts swaying: “Mal de Mer” by Lange
  24. Man and woman enter shop: “Mysterious Stranger” by Kay
  25. The haunting fear: “Elegy” by Friml
  26. Two men enter shop: Repeat No. 24 “Mysterious Stranger”
  27. Go to sleep: “Poeme d’Espoir” by Gabriel Marie
  28. Timothy goes back to officers: “Poursuite Dramatique” (Drigo’s Cinema Classics)
  29. Insert—West side orphanage: “The Thoroughbred” by Englemann
  30. Abrams seen: “Pelerinage” by Franceschi
  31. Timothy comes to window: “Prelude” by Chopin
  32. Insert—Pari of shoes: “Resignation” by Casadesus
  33. Nora and aunt seen outside: “Twilight Hour” by Savino
  34. Police car arrives: “Allegro Misterioso” by Axt
  35. Abrams see Timothy: “Joy” by Zamecnik
  36. Timothy leaves Abrams’ lap: “Melodie” by Rachmaninoff
  37. Crowd seen outside: “Unrest” by Geehl
  38. Insert—Commissioner of child welfare: “Whispering Hope” by Dews
  39. Abrams seen at door: “Excitement” by Breil
  40. The commissioner says: Repeat No. 2 “Der Rabi Geheisen Lustig Sein”
  41. Boys start fighting: “Paddy Whack” by Ascher

Notes: Cues transcribed by James Doering

Source: Carl Braun Collection

SFSMA ID: 7z4aNtkqt6

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