A Single Man

Title: A Single Man

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1929


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At screening: “April’s Lady” by Ancliffe
  2. Play once and segue: “Je T’Aime Waltz” by Waldteufel
  3. It’ll probably start: “Mirth and Merriment” by Delille
  4. Play once and segue: “Happy Moods” by Marquardt
  5. Man pushed into pool: “In Lover’s Lane” by Pryor
  6. End of telephoning scene: “Old Man Sunshine” by Warren
  7. Play once and segue: “Is She My Girl Friend” by Ager
  8. Crowd runs into dining room: “Strawberries” by Kaufman
  9. Play once and segue: “There’s a Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder” by Jolson
  10. Butler hit with egg: “Gee Whiz” by Losch
  11. Play once and segue: “Lucille” by Wattsworth
  12. Let’s start: “Siss-Boom-Ah” by Smith
  13. I hope we’re going to see: “Wild Flowers” by Marquardt
  14. Play once and segue: “Flirty Flirts” by Levy
  15. Let’s go out: “Try Me” by Schertzinger (WHITE)
  16. Fade to Cody reading to girl: “You’re Wonderful” by Ash
  17. Then their engagement: “Alice” by Hauenschild
  18. Okay: Repeat No. 15 (WHITE)
  19. Well, the Trap: “Anything You Say” by Donaldson
  20. Come on gang: “Speed” by Biese
  21. Crowd leaves—door closed: “Flirting Lovers” by Kempinski
  22. Maid seen with two boys: Repeat No. 15 (WHITE)
  23. Miss Hazeltine is dining: “Bridal Chorus” from Lohengrin by Wagner
  24. Fade-back to couple at table: “Love’s Awakening” by Fletcher
  25. You bigamist: “Cupid’s Garden” by Eugene

Proper orchestral rest period is Nos. 14 to 20 inclusive.

NOTE: The repetition of numbers in this cue sheet is simplified by the use of the “Luz Symphonic Color Guide” sold by Music Buyers Corporation, 1520 Broadway, New York City.  The color suggested for repetition of numbers designates the Mood of Emotion, and is used as a code for such repetitions.

Notes: Cues transcribed by James Doering

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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