Title: Adoration

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1928


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At screening: THEME, “Adoration” by Hajos
  2. Prince Sergei: “Cossack Lullaby” by Jiranek
  3. Insert—medallion of Princess Elena: Repeat Theme No. 1
  4. Ninette: “Polka” from The Bartered Bride by Smetana
  5. Car drives to curb: “Baker’s Boy and the Chimney Sweep” by Herbert
  6. Ninette in window flirting: Repeat No. 4 “Polka”
  7. Her highness has arrived sir: “Serenade” by Chaminade
  8. She turns and see Sergei: Repeat Theme No. 1
  9. They break—Sergei shows jealousy: ‘Chansonnette” by Huerter
  10. Insert—invitation: “Polonaise” by Tschaikowsky
  11. Aristocrats: “La Fille du Contrebandier” by Mouton
  12. Mud hurled by beasts: “Allegro Precipitoso” by Savino
  13. Flash to interior—orchestra starts: “Marche Russe” by Ganne
  14. Dancing starts: “Russian Life Waltz” by Katz
  15. You are the most beautiful woman: “Russian Romance” by Friml
  16. Sergei appears in doorway: ‘The Captive” by Savino
  17. Elena in boudoir: “Slavic Dance No. 10” by Dvorak
  18. Prince opens door: Repeat Theme No. 1
  19. Satchel being strapped: “Romance” by Rubenstein
  20. Rioting in street starts: “Furioso No. 4” by Bergunker
  21. Scattered remnants: “Ivano” by Amadei
  22. Elena as manniken: “Love Song” by Wright
  23. Elena meets old general on street: “Romanza senza Parole” by Micheli
  24. Entrance to Café Russe: “The Cossack’s Wedding Fete” by Krein
  25. Ivan, what’s all the bunk: “La Czarine” by Ganne
  26. Elena and general enter: “Nocturnal Tangier” by Godowsky
  27. I’m beginning to fear: “Film Theme No. 47” by Van Goens-Borch
  28. Flash to café: “A La Mode” by Rosey
  29. Hey, cavier!: “La Guapa” by Buisson
  30. Elena appears on stairs: “Dans la Montagne” by Fourdrain
  31. Sergei takes out pistol: “Valse Triste” by Sibelius
  32. You are not yourself: Repeat No. 11 “La Fille du Contrebandier”
  33. Elena rises from table: Repeat Theme No. 1
  34. Enter taxi: “Pain of Sorrow” by Bradford
  35. Flash-back to café: Repeat Theme No. 1
  36. Gambling house: “Valse Slave” by Savasta
  37. […] ress: “Rural Russia” by Levenson
  38. Sergie enters: Repeat Theme no. 1
  39. Lights extinguished; “Cossack Revels” by Tschakoff
  40. Sergei knocks tray from Elena’s hands: “Dance of Comedians” from The Bartered Bride
  41. Dancing starts again: Repeat No. 39 “Cossack Revels”
  42. Exterior—enter car: “Decevant mirage” by Gabriel Marie
  43. Sergei enters room: “Tragic Andante” by Savino
  44. A person about to die: “Lamento” from Eugene Onegin by Tschaikowsky
  45. Elena lying on couch: Repeat No. 22 “Love Song”
  46. Interior of Café Russe: “La Reine D’un Jour” by Mouton
  47. Sergei waiting with cab for Elena: Repeat Theme No. 1

Notes: Cues transcribed by James Doering

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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