Children of the Ritz

Title: Children of the Ritz

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Cameo Music Co., 1929


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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THEME: “Some Sweet Day” by Shilkret

  1. At Screening: THEME
  2. Angela Enters Breakfast Room: “Miss Dolly Dollars” by Herbert
  3. Angela Walks From Room: “The Dainty Miss” by Bradford
  4. I Should Think: “A Bit O’ Blarney” by Helf
  5. Car At Door: THEME
  6. There Are A Dozen Ways: “Al Fresco” by Herbert
  7. To Haines, Life Was: “Impression Frivole” by Bradford
  8. Colored Cabaret Show Girl Dancing: “Hay-Straw” by Hammerstein
  9. Angela and Friends Enter: “Sweet Ida Joy” by Harris
  10. Dewey Enters Home: “When Irish Eyes Are Shining” by Ball
  11. Four Hours and Three Quarts Later: “I Want A Good Man” by Williams
  12. Angela Finishes Dance: “Impression Dramatic” by Bradford
  13. All Is Forgiven, Cavemen Are My Weakness: THEME
  14. Angela Enters Room: “Appassionato No.2” by Axt
  15. Insert “C” E. Pennington: “Pain of Sorrow” by Bradford
  16. Entrance of Chop Suey Joint: “There’s A Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder” by Rose
  17. Angela In Auto Weeping: THEME
  18. Insert “Society Notes”: “Charming Episode” by Ormandy
  19. Insert “Letter”: THEME
  20. Jerry Wilder, You Know Him: “Jealous” by Little
  21. They Walk From Room: “She’s Got A Great Big Army Of Friends” by Nelson
  22. Angela Starts Dance: “Crazy Words—Crazy Tunes” by Ager-Yellen
  23. Dancing Starts: “Doing The Raccooon” by Klages
  24. 3 A.M.: “Chatter” by Kahn
  25. Dewey Looks At Angela’s Photograph: THEME
  26. Days—Weeks—Bills: “Chanson Melancholic” by Collinge
  27. Box Delivered At Door: “Egmont” by Beethoven
  28. Dewey Sees Bill For Coat: “Adventure D’Amour” by Bradford
  29. Trying To Keep Wolf From The Door: “Coquette” by Onivas
  30. Dewey Sneaks Into Room: “Mysterioso Alla Valse” by Savino
  31. Angela I’m Sorry: THEME
  32. Dewey Recognizes Fur Coat: “Vehement Desire” by Bradford
  33. It’s Not Easy To Forget: “Forgetting You” by DeSylva
  34. Angela On Sidewalk, Argument With Escort: “Allegro Precipitoso” by Savino
  35. Angela On Seat With Dewey: THEME

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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