The Cheer Leader

Title: The Cheer Leader

Author: Joseph E. Zivelli

Publisher: Gotham Production, 1928

Series: A Zivelli Cue Sheet

Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Joseph E. Zivelli

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  1. At Screening: “College Capers” by Zamecnik
  2. September: “Freshie” by Shapiro
  3. Love and Kisses: “The Show Off” by Sanders
  4. Percival Plays Sax: “Oh! Harold” by Forster
  5. The First Football: “Pins and Needles” by Berlin
  6. Let’s You and I: “Whose Who Are You” by Robbins
  7. That Night: “Charming” by Zivelli
  8. Dick With Jean: Repeat “The Show Off”
  9. Moonlight: “A Night In June” by Remick
  10. The Last Practice: “More Candy” by Fox
  11. I Talked To You: “Evil Intentions” by Berlin
  12. What’s Wrong Al: “Ballade Moderne” by Bennett
  13. Elizabeth Catches Percival: “The Simpleton” by Berlin
  14. If You Don’t Tell: “Melodie Poetique” by Huerter
  15. Exterior (Dick and Al): Repeat “Evil Intentions”
  16. Girls In Room: “The Co-Ed” by Shapiro
  17. Jimmy In Room: “Caroma” by Ludwig
  18. The Red Mill Roadhouse: “Together-We-Two” by Berlin
  19. Room: “Gerbe De Roses” by Franceschi
  20. Cabaret: “When I Look At You” by Remick
  21. Al Sees Jean: “Inspiration” by Edwards
  22. Al and Jimmy: “That’s What I Call A Pal” by Berlin
  23. With Usual Collegiate: “Miss Anabelle Lee” by Berlin
  24. Jimmy In Room: “Mirabilis” by Smid
  25. Exterior: “Just Once Again” by Feist
  26. Stop Dancing: Repeat “The Show Off”
  27. Dancing: “I Need Lovin’” by Remick
  28. Dick Recognizes “She’s” A He: “Allo. Buffonesco” by Kempinski
  29. Hallway: “Burlesco Pomposo” by Lowitz
  30. Jean and Jimmy: “I Never Knew What The Moonlight Could Do” by Berlin
  31. Al On Scene With Lady’s Clothes: “Whims” by Savino
  32. The Big Game: “College Yell” by Fox
  33. That’s My Dress: “Prattle” by Lowitz
  34. The Kick-Off: “Step On It” by Kaufman
  35. Grandall: “I’ll Be A College Boy’s Dear” by Schrimer

SEGUE: “Varsity” by Fox

  1. End Of Quarter: “Novellette” by Marquis
  2. GRANT: “Collegiate” by Shapiro
  3. Game Starts Again: “Cheer Up” by Kaufman
  4. As The Game Ends: “Frat” by Fox
  5. Interior: “Does He Love Me-Positively-Absolutely” by Coslow

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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