Title: College

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At screening: “College Boys” by Klohr
  2. On the Sunkist slopes: “Incidental Symphony No. 35” by Kempinski
  3. Interior scene after second rain scene: “Toddling” by Rapee-Axt
  4. It will be my pleasure: “Freshie” by Greer. Play two choruses and segue to “June Breezes” by Miles
  5. Buster Keaton walks from stage: “A Song of Supplication” by Fletcher
  6. Keaton and mother walk from room to street: Repeat No. 2 “Incidental Symphony No. 35”
  7. Girl goes from Buster Keaton to auto: “My Idea of Heaven” by Tobias
  8. So the following term: “Freshie” by Greer
  9. After Buster Keaton gets into his bedroom: “Humorous Escapade” by Delille
  10. Sunday found Ronald: “Graduation” by Baron
  11. Two girls and boy sit down at table: Repeat No. 7 “My Idea of Heaven”
  12. Buster Keaton falls through door: Repeat No. 8 “Freshie”
  13. Ball game starts after Buster Keaton gets off bag: “Play Ball” by Kaufman
  14. Buster Keaton runs to home plate: “Collegiate” by Jaffe”
  15. Woman falls out of window and boys run away: “Sambo’s Holiday” by Tschakoff
  16. Half of Buster Keaton’s face white: “Incidental Symphony No. 35” by Kempinski
  17. Clayton’s wonder track team: “Collegiate” by Jaffe
  18. Fade-out after Buster Keaton sits down after running with two boys: “Sunny Hours” by Rich
  19. College athlete walks to girl: “My Idea of Heaven” by Tobias
  20. You take an awful lot for granted: “La Fiancee” by Hartz
  21. Attaboy, you make a hole in one: “College Capers” by Zamecnik
  22. Boys walk off athletic field after high jump: Repeat No. 19 “My Idea of Heaven”
  23. A call to the dean’s office: “Love Is Just a Little Bit of Heaven” by Baer
  24. College coach walks into office: “Serenade Petite” by Zamecnik
  25. Photo of dean’s sweetheart on screen: Repeat No. 19 “My Idea of Heaven”
  26. Girl walks from Buster Keaton: “Freshie:” by Greer
  27. The day of the race: “Queer Antics” by Zamecnik
  28. Fade-out after Cracker flies from Buster Keaton: “Happy Moods” by Marquardt
  29. Girl opens door: “Repeat No. 27 “Queer Antics” (play slowly)
  30. End of the room scene after title: “I was expelled”: “Incidental Miniatures No. 5” by Kempinski
  31. The rival crew: “Jolly Buccaneers” by Schertzinger
  32. Maybe it’s halitosis: “Collegiate” by Jaffe
  33. Ready all: “Jolly Fellows” by Suppe
  34. End of race – segue as two boats collide: “Freshie” by Greer
  35. Buster Keaton standing alone on dock: Repeat No. 27 “Queer Antics” (play slowly)
  36. Man pulls telephone cord out of wall: “Radio Galop” by Bub
  37. Man thrown down by washline: “My Idea of Heaven” by Tobais

Proper rest period is Nos. 16 to 25 inclusive.

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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