The College Hero

Title: The College Hero

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At screening: “Collegiate: by Jaffe
  2. Registration day: “Freshie” by Greer
  3. Jiggers, the dean: “Marionette” by Arndt
  4. Vivian Saunders: Repeat No. 2 “Freshie”
  5. Happy appears – see Vivian in car: “Ain’t She Sweet?” by Ager
  6. Happy starts off in Ford: “Western Allegro” by Rapee-Axt
  7. What were you: “Flick and Flock” by Patou
  8. Entrance to Foster Hall: “Rural Flirts” by Bradford
  9. Boys appear: Repeat No. 2 “Freshie”
  10. Just try and room with me: “The Captive” by Savino
  11. Get that junk out of here: “Hurry No. 1” by Zamecnik
  12. I’m sorry: “Alma Mater” from College Life by Hinrichs
  13. Insert – invitation: “College Capers” by Zamecnik
  14. Won’t one of you fellows be my sister’s escort?: “Animal Crackers” by Rich
  15. Guests and students in Assembly Hall: “Smile a Little Bit” by Morton
  16. Happy meets Vivian: “It Had to be You” by Jones
  17. Who’s that beautiful girl?: “Oh Boy, What a Girl” by Green
  18. Haven’t you a partner, Mr. Haloran?: “Smile” by Heywood
  19. [missing]
  20. [missing]
  21. [missing]
  22. [missing]
  23. [missing]
  24. Vivian and Happy in car: Repeat Theme No. 19
  25. Flash-back to Jim looking at Vivian’s photograph: “Always” by Berlin
  26. Happy appears in hallway: Repeat No. 12 “Alma Mater”
  27. The past practice: “Appassionato Dramatico” by Berge
  28. Boys start playing: “Speed” by Frey
  29. Happy strikes pole and collapses: “Dramatic Appassionato” by Ciganeri
  30. Remorse can never undo: “Lament” by Herrmann
  31. Coach Johnston’s quarters: “Desperation” by Schad
  32. Stadium: “Student Pranx” by Balfmoor
  33. The beginning of the second half: “A Chase Through the Clouds” by Lakay
  34. Flash to Happy in room: “A Staggering Uncertainty” by Lakay
  35. Ben leaves room: “Aeroplane Galop” by Lamothe
  36. The end of the third quarter: “Orange and Black” by Lake
  37. Flash-back to field and game: “By Wireless” by Berge
  38. Jim appears in hallway: “Andante Appassionato No. 57” by Castillo
  39. They climb into car: “The Live Wire” by Frey
  40. Score board – tie game: “Funiculi-Funicula” by Roberts
  41. Vivian kisses Happy and Jim: Repeat No. 17 “Oh Boy, What a Girl”

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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