Forbidden Love

Title: Forbidden Love

Author: Howard T. Wood

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Howard T. Wood

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  1. At Screening: “Spirit of Spring” by Reiser
  2. But Life Is Not All Birthdays: “A Frivolous Patrol” by Goublier
  3. The Princess is Indisposed: “In the Tavern” by Jensen
  4. Nurse Leaves Bedroom—Sees Man: “Andante Dramatico No.62” by Borch
  5. But Princes Are Men: “Melancolie” by Bubeck
  6. Paris: “Ninette” by Christine
  7. City of Gaiety and Life: “A La Paree” by Verdin
  8. May I Introduce Myself?: “Laughing Love” by Christine
  9. Exterior: “Over the Waves” by Rosas
  10. Change to Snowclad Mountain: “Spinning Alone” by Bierman
  11. Tobaggan Upsets: THEME “A Love Sonnet” by Herbert
  12. But In Krayia: “Marche Mysterieuse” by Schad
  13. Unknowing: “Canzonetta” by D’Amriosio
  14. You Are Happy Nadya: Repeat Theme No.11
  15. Why Should We Wait Longer: “Rapture” by Zamecnik
  16. Change to Nadya in Bath: “Mam’zelle Coquette” by Gilmer
  17. But Why Are You Here?: “Andante Appassionato” by Soro
  18. But There Is Krayia: “Rhapsody Appassionata” by Ketelbey
  19. Sabien on Street—Sees Newspaper Report: “Anelante” by Gabriel Marie
  20. Is It True That Nadya: “Appassionato” by Borch
  21. In Krayia: “The Plotters” by Carrozzini
  22. Change of Scene to Two Men in Library: “Wedding March” by DeKoven
  23. Close-Up of Gun: “Tumultuoso” by Gabriel Marie
  24. Interior—Nadya and Krish Enter: “majestic Misterioso” by Kilenyi
  25. Change to Conspirators: Repeat No.21 “The Plotters”
  26. Change Back to Nadya & Krish: “On the Moonlit Terrace” By Cazabon
  27. Change to Conspirators: Repeat No.21 “The Plotters”
  28. Change Back to Nadya and Zalgar: “Ballade d’Amour” by Sanders
  29. Nadya Sees Sabien: “Appassionato No.40” by Borch
  30. After Title “I DON’T LOVE YOU”: Repeat Theme No.11
  31. Leaden Moments with Nadya: “When Love Calls” by Huerter
  32. Nadya and Prince Zalgar Enter Salon: “Amour Virginal” by Drigo’s Cinema Classics
  33. Prince Zalgar Leaves: “Evening Song” by Lind
  34. Sabein Enters Room: “Love and Passion” by Reisner
  35. Let’s Pretend We are Back in Paris: “Reminescence” by Carrozzini
  36. It Is Useless: Repeat Theme No.11
  37. Fade-Out After Embrace: “Bonne Maman” by Gillet
  38. Change to Crowd in Street: “Threatening Elements” by Schad
  39. Down with Queens and Princes: “Insurrezione” by Becce
  40. Nadya Enters Room: “Grandioso Triomphale” by Norton
  41. Queen Nadya on Balcony: “Baccanalia” by Sommer
  42. Close-Up—Hand & Gun: “Dram. Agitato No.43” by Borch

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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