Four Walls

Title: Four Walls

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: “Four Walls” by Jolson
  2. In New York’s Lower East Side: “Symp. Incidentals No.14” by Marquardt (RED)
  3. Specially Some Other Guy’s: “Four Walls” by Jolson (Chorus only)
  4. Post “Sinners Come to Me”: Repeat No.2 RED
  5. There’s Duke Roma: Repeat No.3 “Four Walls” chorus only
  6. Duke Roma with Cup Coffee in Hands: Repeat No.2 RED
  7. Duke Roma Stands Up: “The Grass Grows Greener” by Dougherty
  8. Segue Quick at Shot: “Incid. Sym. No.32” by Kempinski (LT. BLUE)
  9. John Gilbert Sits Down—Has Newspaper: “Superstition” by Varnier
  10. Man Enters Office: Repeat No.2 RED
  11. Street Scene, Gilbert Handcuffed: “Mysterious Tension” by Axt
  12. Gilbert in Jail Cell: “Joyous Appassionato” by Carbonara
  13. Letter on Screen: “Kol Nidre” by Roberts
  14. Fade-Out of Prison Cell: “Shrine in the Wood” by Carr (BROWN)
  15. Fade-Out After “And There Are No Walls”: Repeat No.13 “Kol Nidre”
  16. Mother Leaning Out Window: “The Wander’s Return” by Ketelby (WHITE)
  17. Bertha Fixed the Flower: “Dear Heart” by Mattei
  18. Detective Shows On Screen: Repeat No.2 RED
  19. I Won’t Cry Over that Either: Repeat No.16 WHITE
  20. Gefultte Fish: “Spirit of Youth” by Zamecnik
  21. Gilbert Washing Hands: “Heavy Char. Theme” by Verdi
  22. You’re Hungry, Ain’t It: “Love Theme or Aria” by Verdi
  23. Beat It. Get Out: “Appassionato in A Minor” by Savino (DARK BLUE)
  24. Detective Shows on Screen: Repeat No.14 BROWN
  25. Gilbert Walks to Table: “Eili Eili” by Katz
  26. End of Mother’s Prayer: “Gaiety” by Savino
  27. Gilbert Buying Flowers: Repeat No.21 Hy. Char. Theme
  28. Gilbert Enters Girl’s Room: Repeat No.22 “Love Theme or Aria”
  29. Girl Walks to Piano: “The Prisoner’s Song” by Massey
  30. Gilbert Tears Piano Roll: Repeat No.23 DARK BLUE
  31. Fade-Out After “Rotten, Am I”: Repeat No.17 “Dear Heart”
  32. Play Once and Segue: Repeat No.16 WHITE
  33. Street Scenes After Gilbert on Roof: “Driftwood” by Lyman
  34. Come On, I Want to Give: Repeat No.21 “Hy. Char. Theme”
  35. Violinists Begin to Play: “Who Wouldn’t Be Blue” by Burke
  36. Street Scene (Segue Ouick): “The Crook” by Peele
  37. End of Street Scene After Man at Window: Repeat No.5 “Four Walls”
  38. Men in Room Upstairs: Repeat No.36 “The Crook”
  39. Start the Music: Repeat No.5 “Four Walls”
  40. Gilbert Kisses Girl: Repeat No.8 LT. BLUE
  41. Gilbert Carries Girl On Roof: Repeat No.23 DARK BLUE
  42. You Had a Great Idea: Repeat No.5 “Four Walls” (chorus only)
  43. Girl About to Kiss Gilbert: Repeat No.8 LT. BLUE
  44. Man Thrown Over Roof: “Reverie D’Automne” by Golden
  45. Mother Shows After “Because I Was With Him”: Repeat No.23 DARK BLUE
  46. I Told You Monk Fell Off: “Dram. Tension No.6” by Zamecnik
  47. Gilbert Walks to Window: Repeat No.1 “Four Walls” (intro, verse, and choruses)

Source: Carl Braun Collection

SFSMA ID: Z2u7yq5Ybv

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