Get Your Man

Title: Get Your Man

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Paramount, 1923


Format: Cue sheet with musical incipits

Document type: Cue sheet with musical incipits

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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Contents: 1. At Screening: “Al Fresco” by Herbert
2. In A Fine Old French Chateau: “Vous dites Marquise?” by Gillet
3. Seventeen Years Later: “Monkey Hop” by Rapee
4. Paris: “Marionette” by Arndt
5. Insert–Museum of Wax Works: “Mysterious Tension” by Axt
6. Robert Speaks to Nancy/Nancy Theme): “Polly” by Zamecnik
7. Lights Extinguished: “Elopement” by Carrozzini
8. You Must Think I’m An Awful Baby: “Adorable” by Wynburn
9. Old Lady Worried About Nancy: “Animal Cartoonix No. 2” by Aborn
10.  Flash-back to Nancy and Robert: “Lazy” by Berlin
11. Cleaner Appears: “Allegro Buffonesco” by Kempinski
12. Nancy and Robert on Street: Nancy Theme
13. Robert Removes Jewel Box from Pocket: “Melody” by Franck
14. Many A Young Man: “Indermede Pastorale” by Penauille
15. Father, I Must Return to Paris: “Prelude” by Mendoza
16. Aunt Reading Letter: “Intermezzo” by Arensky
17. Nancy In Auto: “Gigue” by Bradford
18. Nancy Jumps from Couch–Picks Up Robert’s Photograph: Nancy Theme No. 6
19. Next Afternoon: “Evasion d’Harlequin” by Fosse
20. Father, Would You Say: “Love Triumphant” by Joels
21. Robert Sees Nancy Through Window: Nancy Theme No. 6
22. Robert Kneels Before Nancy: “Adventure d’Amour” by Bradford
23. We Were Just Talking About the Wedding: “Le Chevalier Printemps” by Jacquet
24. Simone At Desk Writing: “Reverie d”Amour” by D’Aquin
25. The After Dinner Hour: “Menuet” by Paderewski
26. Simone Rises from Piano: Nancy Theme No. 6
27. Girls Leave Room: “Sarcasm” by Kempinski
28. Marquis Starts To Play Flute: “Au Clair de la Lune from ‘La Belle France'” by Laurendeau
29. He Stops Playing: “The Clown” by Peele
30. Every Time Robert Thought of: Nancy Theme No. 6
31. Marquis Enters Room: “Novelette” by Gade
32. On The Eve Of The Wedding: “Serenade” by Saint-Saens
33. Old Gentlemen Enter Room: “Humoresque” by Hermann
34. Insert–Note: “Infatuation” by Becce
35. Window Blows Open: “Hasty Moments” by Savino
36. Nancy Starts To Throw Things About: “Gigue” by Gretry-Mottl
37. Have You No Explanation to Make: “Carnival Grotesque” by Savino
38. Young Lady, What Is Your Intention: Nancy Theme No. 6
39. Nancy and Robert in Hallway: Love Theme no. 8.


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