Kid Gloves

Title: Kid Gloves

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1929


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: “Shoot” by Kaufman (Robbins)
  2. Johnny—“Kid” McKinney: “Princess Pat Fox-Trot” by Herbert (Carl Fischer)
  3. Johnny’s Sweetheart: “You’re the Best Little Mother” by Ball (Witmark)
  4. Beef Stew: “Laughing Love” by Christine (Stern)
  5. Insert—Newspaper: “Down by the Winegar Woiks” by Donovan (Shapiro Bernstein)
  6. Getting Himself Some Duds: “Oh Harold” by Roberts (Forster)
  7. Betty Boland: “The Breath of an Irish Smile” by Bowers (Robbins) Theme
  8. Betty with Brush: “Alluring Coquetery” by Baron (Belwin)
  9. Johnny Enters: “Spirit of Youth” by Zamecnik (Fox)
  10. Betty and Johnny Alone on Sofa: “Me and the Boy Friend” by Monaco (Remick)
  11. Won’t You Please Tell Me: Repeat Theme No. 7
  12. It Had Taken Billy Williams: “Introduce Me” by Kaufman (Fox)
  13. Oh Billy, She’s Swell: “I Love My Baby” by Warren (Shapiro Bernstein)
  14. I Told You to Stay Away: “Symphonic Incidentals No. 5” by Marquardt (Music Buyers)
  15. I’m Sorry I Blew Up: “He’s Me Pal” by Edwards (Witmark)
  16. And the Money Johnny Earned: “I’m Sitting on Top of the World” by Henderson (Feist)
  17. Johnny at Door: Repeat Theme No. 7
  18. Johnny Leaves Room—Meets Billy Below: “Chianti” by Friml (G. Schirmer)
  19. And to Betty Came: “La Petite Danseuse” by Parkhurst (Belwin)
  20. Betty Runs to Johnny: Repeat Theme No. 7
  21. But Johnny You Must Meet My Friends: “To a Butterfly” by Horodas (Baron)
  22. It Took a Lot of Wallops: “Prelude-Largamente con passione” by Savino (Robbins)
  23. While at Home: “Despair” by Kalbe (Heinrichshofen)
  24. Billy at Desk: “Remorse” by Zamecnik (Fox)
  25. Get Me That Match: “Reproach” by Zamecnik (Fox)
  26. So For the First Time: “Old Pal” by Van Alstyne (Remick)
  27. Johnny Leaves Ring: “Agony of the Soul” by Becce (Schlesinger)
  28. Insert—Fight Poster: “Thrills” by Sanders (Sanders)
  29. Billy Throws Towel in Ring: “Destruction” by Lowitz (G. Schirmer)
  30. Sit Down: “Mosso con Impeto” by Savino (Robbins)
  31. Mother on Telephone: “Dear Little Boy of Mine” by Ball (Witmark)
  32. Betty Enters Room: “Dramatic Love Scene” by Axt (Robbins)
  33. Flash-Back to Johnny and Billy: “My Buddy” by Donaldson (Remick)
  34. Mother Opens Door: “Adagio lamentoso” from Sixth Symphony by Tchaikowsky (Carl Fischer)
  35. Two Years later: Repeat Theme No. 7

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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