It Can Be Done

Title: It Can Be Done

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1921


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: “Al Fresco” by Herbert (Witmark) Jerry Theme
  2. New York: “My New York” by Berlin (Berlin)
  3. Subway Exit: “Moto Perpetuo” by Bergunker (G. Schirmer)
  4. Jerry Enters Office: Repeat Jerry Theme No. 1
  5. Applesauce and Bologney: “Heads Up” by Kaufman (G. Schirmer)
  6. Dial Of Clock: “Ambling Along” by Axt (Robbins)
  7. Those Are Swell Duds: “A Lucky Duck” by Whitney (Witmark)
  8. Boss Enters: “Marche Mignonne” by Poldini (G. Schirmer)
  9. Boss Leaves Office: “Hearts and Flowers” by Tobani (G. Schirmer)
  10. Williard, I Took Particular Care: Repeat No. 8 “Marche Mignonne”
  11. Girl Outside Gate: “Flickering Twilight” by Penn (Jacobs)
  12. I Just Remember, You’re Fired: “Burlesque on Lange’s Flower Song” by Kempinski (Belwin)
  13. Anne Speaks To Jerry: “Allegretto Giocoso” by Savino (Robbins)
  14. The Next Day: Repeat Jerry Theme No. 1
  15. Jerry At Telegraph Operator’s Desk: “Dolly Dimples” by Alter (Whiteman)
  16. Jerry And Old Gentleman At Cigar Counter: “Valse Celeste” by Wittstein (Robbins)
  17. Old Gentleman Leaves Jerry: “Harold and Mildred” by Finck (Hawkes)
  18. He’ll Bear Watching: “Marceline” by Trinkaus (Bendix)
  19. Jerry Enters Watson’s Office: Repeat No. 12 “Burlesque on Lange’s Flower Song
  20. Flash-Back To Anne: “The Garden of Dreams” by Nield (Carl Fischer)
  21. What Do You Mean: Repeat No. 12 “Burlesque on Lange’s Flower Song
  22. I Can’t Tell You How Sorry: “Honey” by Whiting (Feist) Love Theme
  23. Drunk Speaks To Jerry: “Hunkatin” by Levy (Belwin)
  24. Anne And Jerry Walk Out: “The Mosquito’s Parade by Whitney (Witmark)
  25. It Was Very Kind Of You: Repeat Love Theme No. 22
  26. Anne Walks Toward Father: Intermezzo by Wiegand (Carl Fischer)
  27. Man In Next Room Starts To Play Saxophone: “Doin’ the New Low Down” by McHugh, saxophone solo (Mills)
  28. Landlady Appears At Door: Repeat Jerry Theme No. 1
  29. Insert—Bookseller’s Banquet: “Marie” by Berlin (Berlin)
  30. Landlady At Door Again: Repeat No. 3 “Moto Perpetuo”
  31. Explosion In Tailor Shop: “Ferocity” by Carrozzini (Sonnemann)
  32. Jerry Enters Hotel: “Gigue” by Bradford (Robbins)
  33. Detective Hurries From Phone Booth: “Intermezzo Perpetual” by Lowitz (G. Schirmer)
  34. Watson, You’ve Got To Help Me: Repeat Jerry Theme No. 1
  35. Jerry Enters Elevator: “Somebody” by Little (Robbins)
  36. Ladies And Gentlemen: Repeat No. 3 “Moto Perpetuo
  37. Watson In Room: “Furieuse Poursuite” by Gabriel Marie (Manus)
  38. Flash To Chauffeur And Detective: “Sarabande Perpetuelle” by Bradford (Carl Fischer)
  39. Watson, Your Representative: “Marionette” by Arndt (Fox)
  40. I’m Sure You’ll Let Me Publish: Repeat Jerry Theme No. 1
  41. Jerry Speaks To Anne: Repeat Love Theme No. 22

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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