Lady Be Good

Title: Lady Be Good

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: “Oh Lady Be Good” by Gershwin (Harms)
  2. Small Town Vaudeville: “Indiana” by Boldi (E.B. Marks)
  3. Duck Thrown into Room: “Spring Cleaning” by Bradford (Carl Fischer)
  4. Stage Manager Leaves Room: THEME “Life and Love” by Herbert (Witmark & Sons)
  5. Fred Murray: “Fascinating Rhythm” by Gershwin (Harms)
  6. Mae Madison: “The Same Old Way” by Tierney (Leo Feist)
  7. Insert—“Lady Be Good”: Repeat No. 5 “Fascinating Rhythm”
  8. Solo Dancers Appear from Rear Stage: “Magic Love” by Bradford (Sam Fox)
  9. You’ll Be a Headliner Some Day: “Flapper Dance” by Krueger (Belwin)
  10. Insert—“Mysterio”: La Peche Valse by Auvray (E.B. Marks)
  11. Wiz Fires Pop-Gun: “Hello Cutie” by Friend (J.H. Remick)
  12. Now I’d Like to Borrow Some Stiff Gentleman’s Hat: “Fairy Feet” by Finck (Hawkes & Son)
  13. Summer: “Chatterbox” by Sanders (G. Schirmer)
  14. Wiz Walking Down Street: “I’m Walking Around in Circles” by Phillips (Leo Feist)
  15. Let’s Eat that Fat One: “Frivolities” by Carbonara (Robbins)
  16. Is That Our Ring?: Repeat Theme No. 4
  17. Gabby Enters Room: Repeat No. 13 “Chatterbox”
  18. If I Was As Hungry: “So Am I” by Gershwin (Harms)
  19. Vision of Banquet: “I’m Sitting on Top of the World” by Henderson (Leo Feist)
  20. The Café de Paris: “Is She My Girl Friend” by Ager (Ager, Yellen, & Bernstein)
  21. Wiz Appears in Café: “Big Boy” by Ager (Ager, Yellen, & Bernstein)
  22. Wiz Recognizes Murray: “So That’s the Kind of a Girl You Are” by Rose (Irving Berlin)
  23. Wiz Leaves Café: “Ain’t We Got Fun” by Whiting (J.H. Remick)
  24. Is That Your Wife: “Animal Cartoonix No. 2” by Aborn (Belwin)
  25. Wiz at Scales: “Are You Happy?” by Ager (Ager, Yellen, & Bernstein)
  26. After Two Hours: Repeat No. 3 “Spring Cleaning”
  27. Thirteen Missed Meals: “Mrs. Casey from Bright Eyes” by Hoschna (Witmark)
  28. Telephone Rings: “Gossip” by Borch (Belwin)
  29. Wiz Leaving Booking Office with Contract: “Ain’t That a Grand and Glorious Feeling” by Ager (Ager, Yellen, & Bernstein)
  30. Where’s Mary: “Adventure d’Amour” by Bradford (Robbins)
  31. Flash to Stage: Repeat No. 5 “Fascinating Rhythm”
  32. Solo Dancers Appear from Rear Stage: Repeat No. 8 “Magic Love”
  33. Don’t You Think I Was Great: Repeat Theme No. 4
  34. No Real Trooper Would: Repeat No. 30 “Adventure d’Amour”
  35. All Right, If You Don’t Want Me: Repeat Theme No. 4
  36. Separated and Playing the “Sticks”: “After My Laughter Came Tears” by Tobias (Shapiro Bernstein)
  37. I’ve Got Something Pretty for You: “I Love Me” by Mahoney (Broadway)
  38. You’re a Lucky Girl, Mary: “Gigue” by Bradford (Robbins)
  39. Oh Papa!: “It Had to Be You” by Jones (J.H. Remick)
  40. Daisy Enters Mary’s Dressing Room: “Fascinatin’ Vamp” by Nussbaum (Sam Fox)
  41. Wadda You Mean Stealing My Husband: “Gigue” by Gretry-Mottli (Carl Fischer)
  42. Stranded in a Strange City: “Rain” by Ford (Robbins)
  43. Wiz in Dressing Room with New Girl Assistant: “Comedy Capers” by Steele (Emil Archer)
  44. Knock on Door—Mary Enters: “Lonesome and Sorry” by Davis (Henry Waterson)
  45. Page Knocks on Door: “Smile” by Heywood (Robbins)
  46. It’s an Offer to Play Palace: “Give My Regards to Broadway” by Cohan (Robbins)
  47. Do You Have to Leave Now: “Amorous Adventure” by Bradford (Sonnemann)
  48. Wiz on Stage: Repeat No. 10 “La Peche Valse”
  49. Wiz Fires Pop-Gun: Repeat Theme No. 4

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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