Lost at Sea

Title: Lost at Sea

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Cameo Music Service Corp., 1926


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At screening: A Tone Picture by Haas
  2. Change of scene: Little Flower Garden by Breil
  3. Hello Mommy: Mighty Lak’ A Rose by Nevin
  4. Husband enters: Air de Ballet by Massenet
  5. Dog under table: Poupee Valsante by Poldini
  6. Father kicks dogs: Adagio Elegiaque by Wieniawaski
  7. Girl dancing: Songe d’Automne by Joyce
  8. Natalie and Bobby: Little Man by Ball
  9. Flash-back to café: In a Hurry by Friml
  10. Curtains Close – Dancer joins Travers: Looking for a Boy by Gershwin
  11. Charleston dancers appear: Charleston by Johnson
  12. Guests start to dance: My Sweetie’s Sweeter Than That by Fiorito
  13. Children playing ball: Tarantella by Rimmer
  14. Flash-back to steamer: You Gotta Know How by Donaldson
  15. Engine room – Fireman drinking: Angosciosamente by Gabriel Marie
  16. Change of scene to Natalie and Bobby: Repeat No. 8 (Little Man by Ball)
  17. Insert – “Lost at Sea”: Largo Tragico by Chopin
  18. Travers and woman struggling toward beach: Poem Erotique by MacDowell
  19. Change of scene – Lane receives wire: Iov by Zamecnik
  20. Happiness, content: Koenigskinder by Humperdinck
  21. Lane discovers Natalie’s hiding place: THEME: The Sweetest Story Ever Told by Stults
  22. And within a few days: Traumerei by Schumann
  23. Guests leaving: The Swan by St. Saens
  24. Enter shadows: Premonition by Zamecnik
  25. Maid at door with telegrams: A Mysterious Event by Zamecnik
  26. They start to read telegrams: Feu Follet by Fauchey
  27. Insert – “Rescued by S. S. Mizpah”: Elegic by Lubomirsky
  28. Change of scene – Travers shaving: Chatter by Kahn
  29. Natalie alone: Cuore in Pena by Giacchino
  30. I no longer love you: Appassionato No. 2 by Axt
  31. Telephone rings: Omens by Schad
  32. Lane sees body on floor: L’Angoissante aventure by Gabriel Marie
  33. Lane at police headquarters: Cantilena by Goltermann
  34. You are trying to shield Mrs. Travers: Preludio by Cordova
  35. We have just got the confession: Repeat Theme No. 21


Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


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