Man Crazy

Title: Man Crazy

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1927


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At screening: Spirit of Youth by Dahlquist
  2. The Boston post road: Horses by Gay
  3. Then somebody invented: Cheer Up by Kaufman
  4. And I’ll wager: Oh Boy, What a Girl by Green
  5. Here’s to the men: Ain’t We Got Fun by Whiting
  6. Men leave – Clarissa walks toward Ralph: Air de Ballet by Herbert
  7. You’ll refuse him: The Chatterbox by Sanders
  8. Clarissa enters boudoir: Polly by Zamecnik
  9. Late again: Gavotte Jaqueline by Spitalny
  10. Clarissa hurries from dining room: Intermezzo by Arensky
  11. Hello sweetheart: Repeat No. 8 “Polly”
  12. A penny for your thoughts: THEME: Trail of Dreams by Swan
  13. Exterior – car leaves: Coasting by Ring-Hager
  14. Father alights from auto: Fanchonette by Klemm
  15. Clarissa enters house: Repeat Theme No. 12
  16. Now mother: Repeat No. 8 “Polly”
  17. Is Janeway land scared: Scherzando Hurry by Frey
  18. In a little house near Boston: By the Side of the Road by Pilzer
  19. Can you keep a secret?: Baby Your Mother by Burke
  20. Flash-back to Clarissa at mirror: Repeat No. 8 “Polly”
  21. Clarissa hears “White Streak” approaching: Pins and Needles by Kaufman
  22. Clarissa receives gift: Repeat Theme No. 12
  23. What’s the matter: Reflection by Friml
  24. It’s a funny world: Broken Hearted by Henderson
  25. So Madam Clarissa: Love’s Acclaim by Andino
  26. Clarissa standing in window: Repeat No. 24 “Broken Hearted”
  27. Clarissa and father join guests: Sunrise On the Mountain by Borch
  28. Guests enter dining room: Norma March by Bellini
  29. Father rises from seat: Burlesque On Mendelssohn’s and Wagner’s Wedding March by Kempinski
  30. Ralph rises and walks toward Clarissa: Adventure d’Amour by Bradford
  31. Auto headlight flash on Clarissa: Treacherous Knave by Zamecnik
  32. Flash-back to interior of house: Wild Chase by Becce
  33. Do you mean: Disturbance by Zamecnik
  34. Clarissa embraces Jeff: Calling by Greer
  35. Where did you get the rocks: Repeat No. 8 “Polly”
  36. It had been a long evening: Gossip by Borch
  37. Car drives up: Rambler Roses by Wheeler
  38. I know that name: Le Chevalier Printemps by Jacquet
  39. Are you really going to marry: Repeat Theme No. 12


Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder

SFSMA ID: FcH2l0Htdn

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