No Other Woman

Title: No Other Woman

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At Screening: “Marcheta” by Schertzinger
  2. France—On The Sands: “L’Amour” by Christine
  3. Carmelita De Granados: Repeat No.1 “Marcheta”
  4. Change of Scene to Men Playing Handball: Repeat No.2 “L’Amour”
  5. Carmelita, Let Me: “Alice” by Hauenschild
  6. That Night Albert De Chegney: “March of the Siamese” by Lincke (Trio)
  7. This is the Happiest: “C’est Vous” by Greenberg
  8. Orchestra Starts Playing: “Lucky in Love” by Henderson
  9. Yvette Recognizes Carlos: “Le Reve de L’Apache” by Donaldson
  10. Carmelita Comes Over To Carlos And Yvette: “Appassionata” by Clutsam
  11. Listen to Me, Carmelita: Repeat No.1 “Marcheta”

NOTE: Play softly when Yvette and Albert are seen.

  1. I’m Trying On My: “Chanson Francaise from ‘Franco-Espano Suite’” by Marquardt

NOTE: Play very quietly.

  1. Carmelita Sees Yvette in Bedroom: “Dolores” by Kay
  2. Wait Till I Change: “Joy” by Zamecnik
  3. Carlos Enters Room: “The Awakening” by Zamecnik
  4. Carmelita and Friends Seen Leaving: Repeat No.7 “C’est Vous”
  5. Change of Scene To Carlos: “Laughing Love” by Christine
  6. Carlos Knocks On Carmilita’s Door: “Priere Tendre” by Mouton
  7. Two Years Later: “The Sparkling Trot” by Lynde
  8. They’re Off: “En Devalant” by Pouget
  9. Carmelita Enters Automobile: “Escapade” by Mouton
  10. Carlos Calls Carmelita: Repeat No.1 “Marcheta”
  11. You Ask Me That After: Repeat No.13 “Dolores”
  12. If You Would Hold Her Love: Repeat No.1 “Marcheta”
  13. Carlos Leaves: “Imprecations” by Baron
  14. Change of Scene to Night Time: “Darkness” by Brunelli
  15. A Sleepless Night and Morning: “Seuls” by Franceschi
  16. Husband Enters: “Disperazione” by Becce
  17. Bank Messenger Leaves: “The Crisis” by Pasternack
  18. Carlos Answers Telephone: “Desperation” by Schad
  19. Close-Up of Doorbell: “Demande d’Amour” by Drigo
  20. Husband Enters Carlos’ Apartment: “Symphonic Incidentals No.6” by Marquardt
  21. Let’s Be Sensible: “Fate” by Bierman
  22. You’ve Lost, De Chegny: “Molto Drammatico e Grandioso” by Borch
  23. Husband Leaves Carlos’ Apartment: “Gage d’Amour” by Janssen
  24. A Condition Went With The Key: Repeat No.1 “Marcheta”
  25. Door Knob Seen Turning: “Symphonic Incidentals No.13” by Marquardt

NOTE: Tympany Rumble for pistol shot

  1. After Pistol Shot: “Protestation” by Kay
  2. Carlos Kisses Carmelita’s Hand: Repeat No.1 “Marcheta”

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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