PianOrgaN Film Books of Incidental Music: Book of Dramatic Tensions, Vol. 1

Title: PianOrgaN Film Books of Incidental Music, Vol. 1: Book of Dramatic Tensions

Author: Belwin, Inc.

Publisher: New York: Belwin, 1925

Series: PianOrgaN Film Books of Incidental Music

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: J. Andino, Gaston Borch, M. Winkler, Irenee Berge, Sol P. Levy

OCLC Number: 761197680

Contents: 1. Dramatic Tension by Andino
2. Dramatic Tension (subdued action) by Andino
3. Dramatic Tension (in Russian Atmosphere) by Borch
4. Dramatic Suspense by Winkler
5. Dramatic Reproach by Berge
6. Dramatic Tension (general use) by Levy

Notes: for piano

Source: Silent Cinema Presentations, Inc.

SFSMA ID: 5v2sXnvpFD

Download: PDF

Audio: “Dramatic Suspense“/Winkler

Audio recordings for this item were supported by the Society for American Music‘s 2016 Sight and Sound Award and are performed by Ethan Uslan.