Striving For Fortune

Title: Striving For Fortune

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A, 1926


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: N/A

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  1. At Screening: “Intermezzo” by Hadley
  2. Close-up of Clock: “Mimi” by Leigh
  3. Fade of Walsh at Table: Drummer Catch Whistle

Segue: “Erl King” by Schubert

  1. Exterior: “Misterio Agitato” by Smith
  2. P. Harrington: “Au Matin” by Godard
  3. Exterior: “Uneasiness” by Borch
  4. Hoist Comes Down: “After Glow” by Cobb
  5. Mysterious Delays: “Dramatic Tension” by Shepherd
  6. Exterior: “Misterioso” by Minot
  7. Interior: “Rosebud” by Sanford
  8. Walsh and Man At Table: “Prelude” by Kistler
  9. Lardner Knocks At Door: “Dramatic Reproach” by Berge
  10. Girl Enters House: “Rustle of Spring” by Sinding


  1. Girl Locks Door: “Conspiracy” by Zamecnik
  2. The Next Day: “Air De Ballet” by Borch
  3. Come On, I Know: “Agitato No.1” by Rapee
  4. The Long Summer: “Serenade” by Chaminade
  5. Girl Leaves House: “Evensong” by Martin
  6. Shipyard Scene: “Agitato No.2” by Rapee
  7. Boss Calls Walsh: “Dramatic Suspense” by Winkler
  8. Hope Had Planned: “Dawn of Hope” by Casella
  9. The Next Day: “A Garden Dance” by Vargas
  10. Lardner At Phone: “Beware” by Bizet
  11. Under Tom’s Forceful: “Spring Thoughts” by Salzer
  12. But Traitors: “Shadowed” by Zamecnik
  13. Hoist Starts Up: “Agitato No.2” by Rapee
  14. The Eve: “By The Mill Stream” by Smith
  15. Fade to Walsh: “Dramatic Tension No.7” by Zamecnik
  16. That Evening: “Clematis” by Tonning
  17. The Day of Days: “Lovey-Dovey” by Hellard
  18. Lardner and Pal: “Misteroso Dramatico” by Aborn
  19. Man Calls To Walsh: “Dramatic Agitato” by Hough
  20. Interior: “Love Song” by Wood

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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