Strong Boy

Title: Strong Boy

Author: Michael P. Kreuger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1929


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Kreuger

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  1. At Screening: LOVE “What Are You Waiting For Mary?” by Donaldson (Leo Feist)
  2. Why Are People Always Leaving: “Rus Hours” by Sanders (G. Schrimer)
  3. Strong Boy—Baggage Smasher: MCLAGLEN THEME “Big Boy” by Ager (Ager, Yellen, and Bernstein)
  4. Get Busy Boys: COMEDY “The Jesters” by Carbonara (Robbins Music Co)
  5. Electric Baggage Car Passes: Repeat McLaglen Theme No. 3
  6. McLaglen Goes Over to News Stand: Repeat LOVE Theme No. 1
  7. Change of Scene to Exterior of Railroad Station: “Much Ado About Nothing” by Srawley (Sanders & Weiss)
  8. It’s A Good Job, Mac: “I’ve Been Working Oa the Railroad” by Egener (Sonnemann Co)
  9. William, Do You Mind: Repeat McLaglen Theme No. 3
  10. Trunks Fall on Child: “Excitement” by Briel (Sonnemann Co)
  11. McLaglen Walks Away: Repeat McLaglen Theme No. 3
  12. That Trunk Ain’t No Permanent Decoration: Repeat COMEDY Theme No. 4
  13. M. Daylight Saving Time: “Intermezzo Giocoso” by Egener (Irving Berline)
  14. McLaglen Seen At Door of Private Office: Repeat McLaglen Theme No. 3
  15. Railroad Vice-President Shakes McLaglen’s Hand: “I Want What I Want from ‘Mlle Modiste’” by Herbert (M. Witmark & Sons)
  16. McLaglen Leaves Private Office: Repeat McLaglen Theme No. 3
  17. Morning: “A Pleasant Argument” by Becce (Schlesinger)
  18. Electric Baggage Car Seen: Repeat COMEDY Theme No. 4
  19. Man Trips After Electric Baggage Car Passes Him: “Little Cutie” by Srawley (Sanders-Weiss)
  20. Gee Mary, Kids are Great: “Sleep Baby Sleep” by Tucker (M Witmark & Sons)
  21. McLaglen’s Assistant Seen With Monkey: Repeat COMEDY Theme No. 4
  22. Change of Scene to Men Playing Cards: “Conversational” by Noyes (Hawkes & Sons)
  23. Mary and Father Seen: “Mighty Lak’ A Rose” by Nevin (J. Church Co)
  24. Child Finishes Prayers: Repeat No. 20 “Sleep Baby Sleep”
  25. Three Men Seen in Bed: “Comrades from ‘Old Times’” by Lake (Carl Fischer)
  26. Change of Scene to Baggage Room: “Entr’act to a Comedy” by Axt (Robbins Music Co)
  27. I’m Sorry I was so Mean to You, Bill: Repeat LOVE Theme No. 1
  28. Mary Leaves Bill: “A Game of Tag” by Trinkaus (M. Witmark & Sons)
  29. Railroad Station Gate Seen: “Glad Rag Doll” by Ager (Ager, Yellen & Bernstein)
  30. Men Start Chasing Monkey: “Don’t Hold Everything” by Henderson (De Sylva, Brown, and Henderson)
  31. My Poils: Repeat No. 20 “Glad Rag Doll”
  32. He’s Done Me A Great Service: “A Happy Ending” by Becce (Schlesinger(Belwin))
  33. Bill and Mary Walk Out of Vice-President’s Office: Repeat LOVE Theme No. 1
  34. Two Assistants and Child Seen: “Collegiate” by Jaffe (Shapiro, Berstein & Co)
  35. Mary Reads Newspaper: “Ardmore March” by Floyd (Sam Fox)
  36. Queen Seen: “Princess Enchanting” by Hadler
  37. Railroad Engine Seen: Repeat No. 8 “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”
  38. Change of Scene Back to Queen: “Pomp and Ceremony” by Strawley (Sanders)
  39. Medal is Pinned on Man: “Bombasto” by Farrar (Carl Fischer)
  40. Mary Walks over the Hill: “Lover’s Quarrel” by Baron (Irving Berlin)
  41. Train Leaves: “Orchestra tacet—Drummer make train effects”
  42. Change of Scene of Train: “Hurry No. 2” by Simon (S.M. Berg)
  43. Men Held Up in Baggage Car: “Misterioso Eccitato” by Becce (Belwin)
  44. Engine Starts Off: “Eccitamento” by Retlaw (Feature Music Pub.)
  45. Better Hurry Back to the Queen: Repeat No. 43 “Hurry No. 2”
  46. Insert of Telegram: Repeat McLaglen Theme No. 3
  47. Mary Goes Over to Bill: “Fruhlingsliebe” by Pasternack (Irving Berlin)
  48. I’ve Been Silly About Those White Collars: Repeat LOVE Theme No. 1

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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