The Air Circus

Title: The Air Circus

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1928


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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    1. At screening: “Through the Air” by Rothafel
    2. The world is in the air: “Gamboling” by Bierman
    3. A little town: “Step On It” by Kaufman
    4. Aeroplane crashes: “Zigzag” by Ferber
    5. Two boys get into auto: “Hustle Bustle” by Delille
    6. Ann Blake—a gold star: “Mother of Mine” by Jolson
    7. Pictures seen on wall: “Daughters of the Revolution” by Lampe (trio)
    8. You want me to be: Repeat No. 6 “Mother of Mine”
    9. Picture of brother seen on wall: “Short Taps” – muted trumpet

    SEGUE: “In Despair” by Berge

    1. Young man runs in with baggage: Repeat “Hustle Bustle”
    2. Mother comes into room: Repeat No. 6 “Mother of Mine”
    3. Close-up of gold star: “Midsummer Night’s Serenade” by Albeniz
    4. Girl and boy seen: “Bye-Bye Pretty Baby” by Gardner
    5. Flash-back to mother and son: Repeat No. 12 “Midsummer Night’s Serenade”
    6. Son kisses mother good-bye: Repeat No. 6 “Mother of Mine”
    7. Boys leave in automobile: “I may Be Gone for a Long Long Time”
    8. California, here they come: “California, Here I Come” by Jolson (direct cue)

    Segue: “Razzle-Dazzle” by Lenzberg

    1. Sue—some of the best: “Sweet Sue—Just You” by Young
    2. Aviation field seen: “eagles of America” by Godfrey
    3. Young man picks up photograph: Use brass call of “Over There” – 4 bars muted – slowly

    Segue: “My Buddy” by Donaldson

    1. Flash-back to aeroplane: Repeat No. 18 “Sweet Sue”
    2. You’re just too late: “That’s a Lot of Bunk” by Henshaw
    3. I think I’ll name: Repeat No. 18 “Sweet Sue”
    4. The glory of flying: “Aeronaut” by Jackson
    5. In learning to taxi: “Taxi” by Kaufman
    6. Propellor[sic] cuts up aeroplane: “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Grieg
    7. Postman seen: Repeat No. 6 “Mother of Mine”
    8. Change of scene to aviation field: Repeat No. 24 “Aeronaut”
    9. Sue comes over to young man: Repeat No. 18 “Sweet Sue”
    10. All aeroplanes start off: ‘Air Thrills” by Sanders
    11. A boarding house: “Ten Little Miles From Town” by Kahn
    12. Boys see Sue: Repeat No. 18 “Sweet Sue”
    13. Young man grabs Sue: “That’s My Weakness Now” by Green
    14. Aviation field seen: Repeat No. 24 “Aeronaut”
    15. Speed! You go up: Repeat No. 18 “Sweet Sue”
    16. Aeroplane starts: “Motion” by Carbonara
    17. Change of scene to mother: Repeat No. 6 “Mother of Mine”
    18. After Mother is seen second time: “Flying Hurry” by Carbonara
    19. Aeroplane crashes: “Dramatic Tension” by Axt
    20. Fear of the air: Repeat No. 24 “aeronaut”
    21. I can’t go up, Speed: “The Crisis” by Pasternack
    22. Fight starts: “Help! Help!” by Kovacs
    23. Fighting boys see Jerry McSwiggin: “Funeral March of a Marionet” by Gounod
    24. McSwiggin walks away from boys: “Eccitamento” by Retlaw
    25. Change to two instructors outside of house: “Despondency” by Williams
    26. Solo day: Repeat No. 12 “Through the Air”
    27. Speed gets out of aeroplane: Repeat No. 18 “Sweet Sue”
    28. Speed looks up at aeroplane: Repeat No. 30 ‘Air Thrills”
    29. Hop up and do ti alone: “A Critical Moment” by Becce
    30. Buddy starts to fly the second time: “Symphonic Incidentals No. 9” by Marquardt
    31. Nose dive landing of aeroplane: “Solace” by Kay
    32. Change to jazz party: “Oh Baby Don’t We Get Along” by Henderson
    33. Change of scene to Buddy: “Darkness” by Brunelli
    34. Flash-back to party: “Don’ the New Low Down” by McHugh
    35. Speed comes out on porch: Repeat No. 18 “Sweet Sue”
    36. Mother arrives: Repeat No. 6 “Mother of Mine”

    Note: When mother enters house—play jazz record on phonograph to cover sequence

    1. Mother, I’ve failed: “Dolores” by Kay
    2. Flash-back to party: “Imagination” by Harms
    3. Clipped wings: “The Aeroplane” by Ring-Hager
    4. Everybody seen running: “Mess Call”
    5. Graduation day: Repeat No. 19 “Eagles of America”
    6. Landing gear of aeroplane falls: “Galop Dramatique” by Baron
    7. Buddy gets into aeroplane: “In the Clouds” by Rapee-Axt
    8. After Speed lands in parachute: Repeat No. 18 “Sweet Sue”
    9. Close-up of Buddy in aeroplane flying: Repeat No. 6 “Mother of Mine”

Notes: Cues transcribed by James Doering; handwritten notes

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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