The Adventurer

Title: The Adventurer

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1917


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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    1. At screening: “Prelude to Heroical Love Drama” by Baron
    2. In the West Indies: “My Little Star” by Ponce (WHITE)
    3. A rich mine: “Recitative Heroique” by Rapee
    4. One scene: Trumpet Call by Trumpeter
    5. The town: Repeat NO. 3 (RED)
    6. Fiesta day: “Havana” by Schonberger
    7. Bicycle on screen: “Bridal Paths” by Langford
    8. Marine gets back on bicycle: Repeat No. 2 (WHITE)
    9. My daughter Dolores: “Memories Eternal” by Torke
    10. Servant looks very serious: “La Fiesta” by Zamecnik
    11. Watch dial on screen: “Symphonic Incidentals No. 9” by Marquardt
    12. Your daughter is: “Cavatina” by Baron
    13. SOliders leave room with prisoner: Repeat No. 3 (RED)
    14. Forget about the wall: “Allegretto Burlesco” (Drigo’s Cinema Classics)
    15. Meanwhile at: “Tensive Allegro” by Aborn (LT. BLUE)
    16. This is Barney O’Malley: “Incid. Symphony No. 38” by Jensen
    17. Allow me to present my wife: “Novelletta” by d’Ambrosio
    18. Adios my love: “Recitative Heroique” by Rapee (RED)
    19. Girl leaves room through window: “Incid. Symphony No. 35” by Kempinski
    20. Stop with long drum roll as bicycle goes over cliff: Drum Roll by Drummer
    21. Two Americans stop rolling and eat chicken: “Sunset Meditation” by Biggs
    22. After girl’s father is dragged out of room: Repeat No. 18 (RED)
    23. Meanwhile Jim McLellan: “Frills and Frivolities” by Bath
    24. McCoy rides off on horse (Fade): “Tensive Misterioso” by Peele
    25. Girl seen seated on balcony: “My Little Star” by Ponce (WHITE)
    26. Not too angry: “Tensive Allegro” by Aborn (LT. BLUE)
    27. Girl in bed scolds, then opens door: Repeat No. 18 (RED)
    28. El Tornado pulls covers from bed: “Presto No. 27” by Lake
    29. End of flight: Repeat No. 26 (LT. BLUE)
    30. McCoy waves burning torch: “Hurry No. 3” by Lake
    31. Plotters get girl in carriage: “Galop Dramatique” by Baron
    32. Fade-out as McCoy is seen trying to stop runaways: “Zamona” by Loraine
    33. Man kicked out through window: “My Little Star” by Ponce (WHITE)

    Proper orchestral rest period is Nos. 13 to 20 inclusive.

    NOTE: The repetition of numbers in this cue sheet is simplified by the use of the “LUZ” SYMPHONIC COLOR GUIDE, sold by Music Buyers Corporation, 1520 Broadway, New York City. The color suggested for repetitions of numbers designates the Mood or Emotion, and is used as a code for such repetition.

Notes: Cues transcribed by James Doering

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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