The Dove

Title: The Dove

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At screening: “Magic Sunbeams” by Drumm, Segue to “Spanish Love Theme” by Marquardt (WHITE)
  2. A palm blessed land: “Symphonic Incidentals No. 2” by Marquardt
  3. Woman walks out of store: “Facing Death” by Becce (BLACK)
  4. Across the desert: “La Gitana” by Kreisler
  5. People show on screen after moving scenes: “Diabolical Allegro” by Bergunker (RED)
  6. Very well, let him talk: “Eroticon” by Mikulicz, Segue to “Santanna” by Bryan
  7. The dance hall is called: “Pepita” by Motzan
  8. Don Sandoval has: Trumpet Call by trumpeter
  9. One scene: “Matador” by Marchisio
  10. Man stops band playing: “La Clavel” by Kempinski
  11. Enough of this: “The Kinkajou” by Tierney
  12. Don Sandoval kissing girl: “Jurame” by Grever
  13. After toast – party drinks: “Yearning” by Crist
  14. Second time “The Dove” door shows: “Rio Rita” by Tierney
  15. Lights go out while Don Sandoval is dancing on table: “Charrita” by Santos
  16. End of dance—Norma’s back to camera: “Fandango” by Hosmer
  17. Hot sport: “Melida” by Elie (LIGHT GREEN)
  18. I cannot go on: “Echo of Spring” by Cunningham
  19. Norma Talmadge gets up from chair: Repeat No. 17 (LIGHT GREEN)
  20. Don Sandoval closes gates: “Diabolical Negro” by Bergunker (RED)
  21. Messenger at door speaks to Don Sandoval: “Cavatina” by Bohm
  22. Man walks out of room from Norma Talmadge: “Spanish Love Theme” by Marquardt (WHITE), Segue to “Memories Eternal” by Torke
  23. I’ve got no sweetheart: “Serenade” by Pierne
  24. Fade-out as boy walks from lovers in house: “Facing Death” by Becce (BLACK)
  25. Fade-out of Don Sandoval: Repeat No. 22 (WHITE)
  26. Close-up of Norma Talmadge at door after lover leaves: Repeat No. 17 (LIGHT GREEN)
  27. Proprietor walks into room: “Defiant Love” by Schad (LIGHT BLUE)
  28. Door opens: “Espana Waltz” by Waldteufel
  29. Next morning: “Manzanillo” by Robyn
  30. Norma Talmadge throws dice: Repeat No. 22 (WHITE)
  31. Shanghai Charley’s: “Moon Madness” by Lodge
  32. Girl at gambling table winning chips: Repeat No. 20 (RED)
  33. Don Sandoval walks out of gambling house: Repeat No. 27 (LIGHT BLUE)
  34. Will you stop: “The Rebellion” by Patou
  35. Close-up of man with two revolvers: Repeat No. 20 (RED)
  36. Dealer changes dice: Repeat No. 24 (BLACK)
  37. Boy shows dice to people in room: “Incidental Symphony No. 13” by Casini
  38. People chased out of gambling house: Repeat No. 24 (BLACK)
  39. Worry not: Repeat No. 27 (LIGHT BLUE)
  40. Norma Talmadge walks back to lover: “Spanish Love Theme” by Marquardt (WHITE)
  41. But I’m so scared: “The Awakening” by Zamecnik
  42. This ring my Johnny give me: “Facing Death” by Becce (BLACK)
  43. Fade-out of Commandante with money: “Reverie” by Drumm
  44. Shadow shows on screen: “Diabolical Allegro” by Bergunker (RED)
  45. Don Sandoval drinks: “Misterioso Fantastico” by Becce
  46. Don Sandoval applauds: Repeat No. 44 (RED)
  47. What you want: “Descriptive Agitato No. 38” by Bochnlein
  48. You will tell him: Repeat No. 42 (BLACK)
  49. Close-up of lover with soldiers after villains hide: Repeat No. 40 (WHITE)
  50. This is good-bye: “Symphonic Incidentals No. 6” by Marquardt
  51. Fade-out after title – “You betcha my life”: “Mysterious March” by Borch
  52. Scene showing house: “Manzanillo” by Robyn
  53. Soldiers ride into house: “Mehda” by Elie (LIGHT GREEN)
  54. Maybe I like you very much: “Misterioso Irresoluto” by Langey
  55. Don Sandoval knocks glass of wine out of Norma Talmadge’s hand: “Defiant Love” by Schad (LIGHT BLUE)
  56. Don Sandoval stops laughing at Norma Talmadge: Repeat No. 42 (BLACK)
  57. Lover walks to Norma Talmadge: Repeat No. 40 (WHITE)
  58. Servant throws plant from balcony on lover: “Furioso No. 89” by Berge
  59. Courtyard scene after lover is captured: “Grand Dramatic Scene” by May
  60. Norma Talmadge runs to and embraces lover: “Reproach” by Zamecnik
  61. Norma Talmadge goes from Don Sandoval to lover: “Spanish Love Theme” by Marquardt (WHITE)
  62. Soldiers raise rifles: “Facing Death” by Becce (BLACK)
  63. The best damn caballero: Repeat No. 55 (LIGHT BLUE)
  64. Servant walks on to Don Sandoval and off: Repeat No. 61 (WHITE)

Proper orchestra rest period is Nos. 26 to 34 inclusive.

NOTE: “Diabolical Allegro” by Bergunker, No. 5 and 20, etc., in the score should never be played fast, and not like an Agitato. A cynical threat is desired. The repetition of numbers in this cue sheet is simplified by the use of the “LUZ” SYMPHONIC COLOR GUIDE sold by Music Buyers Corporation, 1520 Broadway, New York City. The color suggested for repetitions of numbers designate the Mood or Emotion, and is used as a code for such repetition.

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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