Blondes By Choice

Title: Blondes By Choice

Author: Joseph E. Zivelli

Publisher: Gotham Production, 1927

Series: A Zivelli Cue Sheet

Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Joseph E. Zivelli

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LOVE THEME: “IT All Depends On You” by Henderson

HORACE THEME: “The Gauky Rube” by Berlin

BANKER THEME: “Evil Intentions” by Kempinski

TOWN FOLKS THEME: “Scandal-Mongers” by Patou

  1. At Screening: LOVE THEME
  2. Sing: “Polly” by Zamecnik
  3. Clinton Harbor: “A Little One Horse Town” by Morris
  4. Cliff Speaks To Bonnie: “My Idea of Heaven” by Berlin
  5. Clinton Harbor Was: “Charming” by Robbins

SEGUE: “Rendez-Vous” by Aletter

  1. Banker Enters; BANKER THEME
  2. Banker Leaves: “Quandary” by Schad
  3. Magazine: “Cute and Cunnin’” by Kempinski
  4. Immoral I Calls It: TOWN FOLKS THEME
  5. Banker’s Home: BANKER THEME
  6. Oh Father: “Mimi, Leigh” by Jacobs
  7. In Cliff’s Secret Effort: “Springtime, Atherton” by Ditson
  8. That Afternoon: “Rosemary” by Fox
  9. Can You Imagine: TOWN FOLKS THEME
  10. Miss Clinton I’d: LOVE THEME
  11. What A Wonderful: TOWN FOLKS THEME
  12. Dancing: “Gorgeous” by Remick
  13. Cliff and Bonnie: LOVE THEME
  14. Horace Rush: HORACE THEME
  15. Horace Seeks Pen: “Allo. Scintillante” by Kempinski
  16. You Girls Should Know: “Gloaming” by Kempinski
  17. Orchestra Plays: “Me and My Shadow” by Berlin
  18. Shove Off Mate: HORACE THEME
  19. The Punch Was So Weak: “Just A Little Drink” by Gay
  20. Three Quarts Of An Hour: “A Staggering Uncertainty” by Berlin
  21. Cliff Discovered: “Ooh! Maybe It’s You” by Berlin
  22. Girls As I Live: TOWN FOLKS THEME
  23. Cliff Sees Bonnie: “Don’t Be Angry With Me” by Donaldson
  24. That Evening: LOVE THEME
  25. Success: “She’s A Good Fellow” by Kern

SEGUE: “Oh! Kay” by Gershwin

  1. Zilch’s Wig Blown Off: TOWN FOLKS THEME
  2. Horace Turns Off Blower: “Mam’selle Coquette” by Boosey
  3. My Pal!: HORACE THEME
  4. Cliff Calls On Banker: “Serenade” by Chaminade
  5. Horace and Valet: HORACE THEME
  6. Well I’m Here: BANKER THEME
  7. Banker Leaves: “Wistful Ways, Hersom” by Jacobs
  8. Shall I Make: LOVE THEME

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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