Flower of the North

Title: Flower of the North

Author: S. M. Berg

Publisher: Vitagraph, 1921


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors:S. M. Berg

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  1. Opening: Frills and Furbelows by Crespi
  2. When Lady Throws Flower: Frills and Furbelows
  3. Then Into This Country With: Marguerite by Zamecnik
  4. Whilst Whitmore field manager [no music listed]
  5. When Man Seizes Indian Girl: Agitato No. 37 by Andino
  6. When Mac Greets Philip: In Birdland by Zamecnik
  7. When Men in Office Shake Hands
  8. “Mac I’m Going to See This Old”: Repeat :THEME The Coquette by Deppen
  9. For the Next Several Days: Repeat: THEME
  10. And with the Passing Days an Answer: Cinderella’s Wedding by Ancliffe
  11. As the Next Day’s Sun Arose: Indian Mystical (No. 7 A, B, C. Dramatic Series)
  12. When Men Seize Girls: Indian Battle Hurry (No. 7 A, B, C. Dramatic Series)
  13. When Scene Fades Back to Indians: Repeat: Indian Mystical
  14. When Scene Fades to Philip: Andante Pathetique by Borch
  15. When Indian Calls on D’Arcambal: Indian Plaintive (No. 7 A, B, C. Dramatic Series)
  16. “Pierre Goes to the Camp”: Light Allegro Agitato (No. 16 A, B. C. Dramatic Series)
  17. When Thorpe Sees Pierre: Heavy Forboding [sic] Mysterioso (No. 16 A. B. C. Dramatic Series)
  18. “Why Did You Act Like That”: Pathetic Romance (No. 16 A. B. C. Dramatic Series)
  19. When Men Seize Pierre and Jeanne: Dramatic Conflict by Levy (Hurry Heroic)
  20. Jeanne’s Pet Returns in Time: Repeat: THEME
  21. When Canoe Floats Away: Western Rodio by Minot
  22. Perils Shared Together Increase: Repeat: THEME
  23. When Scene Fades to Thorpe and Blake: Dramatic Tension by Zamecnik
  24. When Jeanne Greets Father: June Breezes by Miles
  25. The Ensuing Half Hour Brought: Repeat THEME

Segue to Menuetto All-antico by Karganoff

  1. “M’sieu Philip I will retire” [no music]
  2. “No one will tell me”: Repeat THEME
  3. When Jeanne Reads Note: Dramatic Tension by Levy
  4. “Then you remember you said they”: Heavy Dramatic by Luz
  5. “Pierre that looked like Thorpe” [no music]
  6. A Period of Conflicting Emotions: Repeat: THEME
  7. Next Day Work Lags in Camp: Fragrance of Spring by Sanders
  8. The Chief Got In Late Last Night: [no music]
  9. While at D’Arcambal House: Love in May by Breau
  10. “Pierre go to Philip”: Scherzetto by Berge (from Symphonette Suite)
  11. “Thorpe’s gang has left camp”: Tragic Theme by Vely
  12. “M’sieu D’Arcambal has restored”: Light Allegro Agitato (No. 20 A. B. C. Dramatic Series)
  13. “Jeanne risks her life”: [no music]
  14. When Scene Fades to Pierre: Heavy Dramatic Suspense (No. 20 A. B. C. Dramatic Series)
  15. “This locket on baby Jeanne”: Heavy Dramatic Andante (No. 20 A. B. C. Dramatic Series)
  16. Dusk: Furioso by Zamecnik
  17. When Jeanne Lights Fire: Furioso by Kiefert
  18. The Terrors of the Night Pass With: Evening Song by Lind
  19. Thorpe’s Deadly Bullet: [no music]
  20. When Philip Reads Note: Allegro Vigoroso by Zamecnik
  21. “M’sieu, Jeanne will be here”: Bleeding Hearts by Levy
  22. When Jeanne embraces father: Repeat: THEME

Notes: Cues transcribed by Mariana Whitmer.

Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


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