The Lovelorn

Title: The Lovelorn

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: “Call Me Sweetheart” by Robe (WHITE)
  2. Interrupt With Train Effect At End of Long Moving Subtitle: Train Effect by Drummer
  3. One Scene: “Al Fresco” by Herbert
  4. Letter On Screen: “Caroma” by Pabst
  5. Street Scene: “La Fiancee” by Hartz
  6. Bought and Paid For, Miss: Repeat No.1 (WHITE)
  7. Close-up of Lover After Girl on Trolly: “Love Thoughts” by Friml (DK. GREEN)
  8. Street Scene After Girl Buys Magazine: “Jolly Jingles” by Powell
  9. Auto Stops At Girl’s Home: “Incid. Symphony No.38” by Jansen (RED)
  10. Sisters Enter House: “Intermezzo d’Arlequine” by Bohm
  11. Oh Please, Mrs. O’Leary: “Valse Annette” by Baxter
  12. I’m Wise: “Merry Playmates” by Howgill
  13. Lover Gets Out of Auto: “Fair Debutante” by Reynard
  14. Two Sisters Show In Bedroom: “Serenade” by Leoncavalio
  15. Fade-Out Of Older Sisters In Room After Auto Leaves: Repeat No.7 (DK. GREEN)
  16. Fade-Out of Beatrice Fairfax After Second Letter is Flashed: “Chant d’Amour” by Frommel
  17. Some People Don’t Know A Good Thing: “Incid. Symphony No.38” by Jansen (RED)
  18. Man Walks From Girl At Door Fanning Himself: “Moonlight Memories” by Edwards
  19. Fade-Out of Girl Seated On Bed: “Call Me Sweetheart” by Robe (WHITE)
  20. Beatrice Fairfax Writes Letter On Typewriter: Play “Black Bottom” (Chorus Only)
  21. Dancers Stop and Applaud: “Joy Bells” by Santly
  22. Ann, Let’s You and Me Get Married: “Call Me Sweetheart” by Robe (WHITE)
  23. How About A Little Kiss: “C’est Vous” by Greenberg
  24. Dancers Stop and Applaud: Repeat No.17 (RED)
  25. They Begin To Dance: “Lonesome Waltz” by Wendling
  26. Fade-Out Of Dancing Scene: Repeat No.17 (RED)
  27. Fade-Out As Man Kisses Girl on Couch: Repeat No.22 (WHITE)
  28. Fade-Out of Girl in Street To Bed Scene: “Dramatic Adagio” by Berge
  29. Sister Comes Out of Clothes Closet: “True Love” by Ketelbey
  30. Girls In Bed: “Love Thoughts” by Friml (DK. GREEN)
  31. Fade-Out of Girls In Bed To Letter: Repeat No.22 (WHITE)
  32. Girl Has Beatrice Fairfax’s Letter In Hand: “Incid. Symphony No.38” by Jansen (RED)
  33. Scene After Auto Shows On Screen: “Dream Chimes” by Wyatt

SEGUE: “Sunset” by Ancliffe

  1. Interrupt With Train Effect After Ann Is Seen Sitting On Floor: “Uproar” by Neinass
  2. Sister Shows On Screen After Agitation: Repeat No.22 (WHITE)
  3. Fade-Out of Two Sisters: Repeat No.30 (DK. GREEN)
  4. Beatrice Fairfax Shows After Title “WHAT A FINE DRINK OF WATER”: Repeat No.19 (WHITE) (Verse)

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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