Quality Street

Title: Quality Street

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: “Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes” by Marquardt
  2. The Time—Late Afternoon: “A State Procession” by Ketelbey
  3. Doorbell Rings: “Gossip” by Marquardt
  4. Susan In House Shows On Screen: “Chatterbox” by D’Amresio (YELLOW)
  5. Marion Davies Sits Down: “Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes” by Marquardt
  6. Susan Begins To Wind Wool: “Storm Galop” by Komzak
  7. Three Girls Turn From Window: “Love’s Impuslse” by Jacquet
  8. One Hundred: “Storm Galop” by Komzak
  9. Go Back: “Shepherd’s Pipe from ‘Romantic Suite’” by Gregh
  10. Do My Eyes Behold Phoebe: Repeat No.1 “Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes”
  11. Invitation To Dance Shown On Screen: “Viennese” by Komzak

SEGUE: “Shepherd’s Pipe” by Gregh

  1. Susan Begins To Sew Dress: “Gossip” by Marquardt
  2. No, Not Yet, But We Expect It Hourly: “The Festivities from ‘Romantic Suite’” by Stanley (BROWN)
  3. Phoebe And Doctor Walk Down Stairs From Dance Pavillion: Repeat No.8 “Storm Galop”
  4. Marion Davies Seated In Garden—Doctor On With Two Glasses of Lemonade: “Storm Galop” by Komzak (Trio)
  5. Cloud Scene: “Perpetuum Mobile” by Rapee
  6. Phoebe and Doctor Stop Walking: Repeat No.3 “Gossip”
  7. Marion Davies Runs Into House: “Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes” by Marquardt
  8. Marion Davies Runs Out of Room: “Gossip” by Borch
  9. Interior Scene After Gossipers Cross Street: “Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes” by Marquardt
  10. Fade-Out Of Sisters To Men On Street: “Symphonic Color Classic No.8” by Schoenfeld (RED)
  11. And Napoleon: “Robespierre Overture” by Litolff
  12. Fade-Out of Napoleon Camp Scenes: Repeat No.21 (RED)
  13. Fade-Out of Close-Up of Men In Rain Moving To Camera: “Chatterbox” by D’Ambrosio (YELLOW)
  14. I’ve Got A Happy Surprise For You: “Symphonic Color Classic No.8” by Schoenfeld (WHITE)
  15. Fade-Out As Girls Embrace: Repeat No.3 “Gossip”
  16. Fade-Out of Mouth Moving: “A State Procession” by Ketelbey
  17. Doctor Sees Sisters As Maid Opens Door: Repeat No25 (WHITE)
  18. I Mean, I Think: Repeat No.10 “Drink To Me Only”
  19. I’m Glad: Repeat No.21 (RED) 4 bars only very slow
  20. Phoebe and Doctor Stand Up: “Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes” by Marquardt
  21. I’ll Tell Susan: “Broken Vows” by Kempisnki
  22. Doctor Shakes Hands With Susan: Repeat No.20 “Drunk To Me Only”
  23. Doctor Leaves Room—Close-Up Of Two Sisters: “Drink To Me Only” by Marquardt (Plaintive Minor)
  24. Phoebe Puts Dress In Chest: Repeat No.3 “Gossip”
  25. Gossipers On With Susan At Organ—Susan Shows Despair In Face: “British Grenadiers from ’12 English Songs’” by De Witt
  26. Marion Davies Lying on Floor After Two Gossipers Wave Hands Slowly Through Window: Repeat No.34 “Drink To Me Only” (4 bars)
  27. Then For Many Years: Trumpet and Open Drum Roll
  28. Fade-Out of Subtitle: “Gavotte in G” by Gluck
  29. Girls Put Feet On Boy’s Knees: “The Joy Riders” by Patou
  30. Unhappy Boy, Why Did You Fight: “An English Tune” by Geehl
  31. Phoebe Walks From School Into Room At Piano: Repeat No.20 “Drink To Me Only”
  32. Close-Up of Phoebe’s Face In Bright Mirror: “Drink To Me Only” by Marquardt
  33. Two Soldiers In Tally Ho Shake Hands: “Posthorn Galop” by Koenig
  34. Soldiers Get Out of Tally Ho: Repeat No.2 “State Procession”
  35. Doorbell Rings: Repeat No.3 “Gossip”
  36. Captain About To Knock On Door—Children Exit: “Symphonic Color Classic No.8” by Schoenfeld (WHITE)
  37. Housekeeper Opens Second Door—Captain Sees Susan: “Chatterbox” by D’Amresio (YELLOW)
  38. Where’s Miss Phoebe: Repeat No.47 (WHITE)
  39. Phoebe Sees Captain Behind Door: Repeat No.43 “Drink To Me Only”
  40. Phoebe Motions Captain To Sit Down: “Farewell” by Howgill
  41. Phoebe Walks From Captain Brown: Repeat No.20 “Drink To Me Only”
  42. Phoebe Lays Head On Desk After She Cries: “Sweet Thoughts Of Love” by Alu
  43. Phoebe, Phoebe, You Must Not Give Way: “Symphonic Incidentals No.9” by Marquardt
  44. Phoebe Undressing After She Throws Up Right Arm Second Time: “Viennese” by Komzak
  45. Phoebe Stops Dancing When Seeing Captain Brown: Repeat No.43 “Drink To Me Only”

SEGUE: “Shepherd’s Pipe” by Gregh

  1. Marion Davies Sits Down At Piano: “Gavotte In G” by Gluck
  2. Captain Walks Out of Room: “Constance” by Golden
  3. Marion Davies Begins To Play Piano: Repeat no. 57 “Gavotte In G”
  4. Marion Davies’ Fingers Stop Playing Piano: Play “Lilac Time” from (May Days Are Gray Days) by Harms
  5. Captain Walks From Phoebe: Repeat No.5 “Drink To Me Only”
  6. Marion Davies Runs To Door: Repeat No.20 “Drink To Me Only”
  7. Marion Davies Lifts Leg At Door: “Storm Galop” by Komzak
  8. Captain Catches Marion Davies At Tree: Repeat No.18 “Drink To Me Only”
  9. Susan Shows On Screen—Interrupts Lovers: Repeat No.55 “Viennese”

SEGUE: “Shepherd’s Pipe” by Gregh

  1. Fade-Out of Susan and Phoebe With Veil At Door: “The Festivities” by Stanley (BROWN)
  2. Gossipers Show: “Sunshine and Flowers” by Schoenfeld
  3. Marion Davies and Captain Come Down Stairs: Repeat No. 14 “Storm Galop”
  4. Phoebe Sits Down On Bench In Garden—Captain On With Two Glasses of Lemonade: “Sunshine and Flowers” by Schoenfeld

SEGUE: “Sunshine and Flowers” by Schoenfeld

  1. ‘Tis Most Agreeable: Repeat No.20 “Drink To Me Only”
  2. Captain Kisses Phoebe: Symphonic Incidentals No.9” by Marquardt
  3. Phoebe Kneels At Susan’s Chair: Repeat No.18 “Drink To Me Only”
  4. Fade-Out of Phoebe And Susan: “Recompense d’Amour” by Kempinski
  5. Fade-Out Of Marion Davies and Susan in Close-Up: Repeat No.48 (YELLOW)
  6. Phoebe Walks Through Door From Room To Captain: Repeat No.12 “Gossip”
  7. Susan Comes Through Door To Captain: Repeat No.21 (RED)
  8. Please To Wait: “Love’s Impulse” by Jacquet
  9. Footsteps Going Upstairs: Repeat No.12 “Gossip”
  10. Captain Brown Speaks To Mind: Repeat No.21 (RED)
  11. ‘Tis All Your Own Fault: Repeat No.47 (WHITE)
  12. But Now That She Started This Horrid Livvy: Repeat No.3 “Gossip”
  13. Feet Coming Down Stairs: Repeat No.12 “Gossip”
  14. Susan Opens Door For Sick Phoebe: “Dance of the Goblins” by Schertzinger (Introd.)
  15. Captain Places Chair For Sick Phoebe: “The Trysting Place” by Schertzinger
  16. Doctor Stands Up Facing Camera—Talks To Susan: Repeat No.21 (RED)
  17. Susan Walks To Door: Repeat No.83 “Dance of the Goblins”
  18. Captain Re-enters Room—Sees Phoebe Gone From Chair: “Dance of the Goblins” by Schertzinger
  19. Doctor Pauses In Door When Carrying Model Out of Room: Repeat No.18 “Drink To Me Only”
  20. Sisters Embrace—Carriage Shows: “Gossip” by Marquardt

SEGUE: “Symphonic Color Classic No.8” by Schoenfeld (WHITE)

  1. Gossipers Close Curtains After Captain Bows To Them: Repeat No.1 “Drink To Me Only”

Proper rest period is Nos. 39 and 51 inclusive.

NOTE: The repetition of numbers in this cue sheet is simplified by the use of the “LUZ” SYMPHONIC COLOR GUIDE, sold by Music Buyers Corporation, 1520 Broadway, New York City. The color suggested for repetition of numbers designates the Mood or Emotion, and is used as a code for such repetitions.

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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