Through The Breakers

Title: Through The Breakers

Author: Joseph E. Zivelli

Publisher: Gotham Production, 1928

Series: A Zivelli Cue Sheet

Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Joseph E. Zivelli

OCLC Number:


TAYA THEME: “Aloma” by Bowers

DIANE THEME: “Seduction” by Hahn

EUSTICE THEME: “Jovial Jiffkins” by Lafleur

  1. At SZcreening: “Legend of the Sea” by Zamecnik
  2. Kiloaland: “Ka-Lu-A” by Kern
  3. Shark Seen: “Impending Danger” by Kempinski
  4. Safe On Shore: TAYA THEME
  5. Interior Shack; “Untold Secrets” by Hauenschied
  6. John Looks At Diane’s Photo: DIANE THEME
  7. Fade Back To John: “Gage D’Amour” by Janssen
  8. Taya Enters Cabin: TAYA THEME
  9. This Is Madness: “Appassionata” by Norton
  10. Have Either of You Seen: EUSTACE THEME
  11. Yoo-hoo Girls: “Chasing The Chickens” by Forster
  12. Red Sunset: “Honolulu Moon” by Feist
  13. While Beyond The Breakers: “I’m Afraid Of You” by Berlin
  14. Diane and Man On Deck: DIANE THEME
  15. Radiogram: “Imagination” by Meyer
  16. I’ll Auction: “Polly” by Zamecnik
  17. We’re Afire: “Floundering Ship” by Hahn
  18. Through The Breakers: “On The Lagoon” by Schad
  19. John Seen: EUSTACE THEME
  20. Gamboa Carrying Diane: “Lento” by Tours
  21. John Recognizes Diane: “Romance” by Rubenstein
  22. The Welcome of the South Seas: “Luanita” by Stoughton
  23. Diane Seen: DIANE THEME
  24. It Isn’t So Bad: “Mo-Na-Lu” by Brean
  25. Eustice Falls: “Batty Bill” by Anthony
  26. Taya Dances: TAYA THEME
  27. Turquiose Days: EUSTACE THEME
  28. John and Diane: DIANE THEME
  29. Diane Jumps Into Water: “Turbulent Waters” by Berlin
  30. Diane and John Safe (close-up): “My Desire” by Cadman
  31. It Isn’t So Easy: DIANE THEME
  32. John Leaves Diane: “Dram. Tension No.52” by Noyes
  33. Two Women and A Man; “Defiant Love” by Schad
  34. White Man Choose: TAYA THEME
  35. Fade To Festivities: “Pow-Wow” by Rubens
  36. Wedding Ceremony: “Sunset Land” by Kawelo
  37. Taya Draws Knife: “Emotion” by Lowitz
  38. Taya Dies: TAYA THEME
  39. After Taya Brought Out To Sea: “True Love” by Ketelbey

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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