Jacqueline or Blazing Barriers

Title: Jacqueline or Blazing Barriers

Author: James Houlton

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1923


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors:James Houlton

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  1. At Screening: Introduction “Salambo” by Arends
  2. Near Two Rivers Camp: Laurentian Echoes by Laurendeau
  3. Peter Durant: Baby’s Opera by Byng
  4. Peter’s chief care: Daddy, Dear Daddy by Fischer
  5. Jacqueline and Raoul enter: Love in Arcady by Wood
  6. Fade-in child in danger on rocks: Agitato by Riesenfeld
  7. Flash-back Jacqueline and Raoul: THEME: The Sign of the Rose by Edwards
  8. They enter cabin: Contemplation by Hope
  9. The underworld of: Within the Walls of China by Lively
  10. Fight starts: Dramatic Allegro by Falck
  11. And the next day: Julian Waltz by Kleinecke
  12. Chang and man on street: Dram. Tension No. 9 by Andino
  13. Jacqueline and friend on promenade: Call of the Sylphs by Frascard
  14. There were lonely hearts: Sylvan Sketches by Helm
  15. When a wild rose: Carolina in the Morning by Donaldson
  16. There’s a beautiful moonlight: Why Should I Cry Over You by Cohn
  17. For ways that are dark: Mist. Dramatico No. 22 by Borch
  18. There was joy: Laurentian March by Laurendeau
  19. At last the day: Perplexity by McLellan
  20. Oh Raoul, your presents are: THEME: The Sign of the Rose by Edwards
  21. A number of years ago: Remembrance by Birkedal-Barfod
  22. Two rivers: Dram. Allegro No. 1 by Langey
  23. Jacqueline leaves canoe: Le Rouet D’Omphale by St. Saens
  24. Raoul and Little Peter: THEME: The Sign of the Rose by Edwards
  25. Dubois slaps Little Peter: Dram. Agitato No. 80 by Berge
  26. Flash-back Jacqueline at table alone: Song Without Words by Rebikov
  27. Dubois walks away with note: Reverie by Vieuxtemps
  28. Raoul reads note: THEME: The Sign of the Rose by Edwards
  29. Jacqueline decides: Agitato con moto by Borch
  30. To Dubois’ sinister mind: Mysterioso Notturno by Borch
  31. Dubois attacks Chang: Prometheus Overture by Beethoven
  32. To Raoul the world: Andromeda and the Storm King by Holmes
  33. Between blazing barriers: The Storm by Zamecnik
  34. Morning: Symphony No. 2 in A minor by St. Saens
  35. Time is a great healer: THEME: The Sign of the Rose by Edwards


Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


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