King Cowboy

Title: King Cowboy

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Paramount


Format: Cue sheet with musical incipits

Document type: Cue sheet with musical incipits

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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1. At Screening: “Mystic Shrine” by Cameron
2. Suffering Under a Reign of: “Danse Arab” by Tschaikowsky
3. The Executioner Awaits: “Dramatic Adagio” by Berge
4. The Amir’s Guard: “The Bedouins Are Coming” from On the Nile by Hilse
5. From America Had Come: “The Flight” by Savino
6. Arabians Looking at American Party from Distance: “Orientale” by Cui
7. Ben Suliman: “Scheherazada” by Korsakow
8. Arabians Ride Towards Americans: “Gigue” by Bradford
9. Horsemen Riding Towards Second Flash: Repeat No. 3, “Dram. Adagio”
10. They Ride Towards City: “The Fakirs” by Cobb
11. Priest Appears in Minaret: “Hindoo Song” by Bemberg
12. Prayer Ends: Repeat Theme No. 7
13. Abdul and Tom on Balcony: Repeat No. 3, “Dram. Adagio”
14. Tom and Gloomy Leave Room: “In the Temple of the Sun God” by Elie
15. The Following Day: “Hindoo Dance” by Shelly
16. Flash to Cowboys: “Pawnee Herd” by Heed
17. Tom Before Abdul: “Ballet Egyptien No. 1” by Luigini
18. I Saw Tom Being Taken: “Dramatic Allegro” by Savino
19. Polly’s Father: “My Thoughts” by Hewitt
20. Some Friendly Natives: “Anxiete” by Srawley
21. Gloomy Falls Into Room: “Hurry No. 26” by Minot
22. Flash-Back to Abdul: “Omens” by Schad
23. Tom Climbing Wall: “Hurry” by Berge
24. Priest Appears in Minaret Again: Repeat No. 11, “Hindoo Song”
25. Prayer Ends: “Pangs of Love” by Carrozzini
26. Bennett Listening at Door: “The Slimy Viper” by Borch
27. Tom Leaves Room: “Gossip” by Borch
28. Before I Have You Shot: Repeat Theme No. 7
29. That Night at the Arsenal: “The Conspirators” by Roder
30. Next Day a Holiday Was Declared: “Oriental Ballet No. 1” by Riesenfeld
31. I Cannot Disappoint: “Desert Caravan” by Friml
32. Riding Starts: “Debacle” by Brunel
33. Sally and Dad in Tower Making Bombs: “Pas des Echarpes” from La Source ballet by Delibes
34. Flash-Back to Show: “Orient Express” by Benoit
35. Cowboy with Rope in Front of Abdul: “The Get-Away” by Frey
36. Pig! I Challenge You: “The Riding Kid” by Stahlberg
37. Bennett Before Abdul: “Furieuse Poursuite” by Gabriel Marie
38. Gloomy at Entrance: “Flick and Flock” by Patou
39. Bennett and Natives at Door: “Agitated Hurry No. 2” by Berge
40. Tom Climbing Wall: “Agitated Hurry” by Berge
41. Tom Starts on Rope: “Hurry” by Armandola
42. Gimme That Map: “To the Rescue” by Carbonara
43. When Order is Restored: “Kismet” by Henlere


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