Title: Ramona

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: “Ramona” by Wayne (WHITE)
  2. Early California: Angelus Bells on Organ or by Drummer
  3. Add Orchestra At End of Second Bell Scene: “Cloister-Chimes” by Borch
  4. Where Adventurous: “A.B.C. Dram. Set. No. 14-A1” by Luz
  5. The Hacienda: “Serenata de la Noche” by Burks
  6. Servant Makes Sign Of Cross After Title ‘WHERE IS RAMONA’: “Tambourine Dance” by Dunhill
  7. Stop With Crash As Ramona Falls Off Mule: “Ramona” by Wayne (WHITE)
  8. Boy Carries Ramona Into Garden: “Intermezzo Perpetual” by Lowitz
  9. Woman Sees Ramona—Calls To Her: “The Enchanted Castle” by Marquardt (RED)
  10. Mother and Son At Dining Room Table: “Ramona” by Wayne (WHITE) (Introd.)
  11. It Was Sheep Shearing Time: “Julio of the Argentina” by Olsen
  12. And Now Ramona, The Dance You Promised: “La Furlana” by Roberts (YELLOW)
  13. Two Farm Hands Take Off Hats: Repeat No. 9 (RED)
  14. Crowd Gets Ready for Dance: Repeat No.12 (YELLOW)
  15. Crowd Disperses When Seeing Mother: Repeat No. 9 (RED)
  16. Fade As Boy Begins Playing Guitar: “Be Thou My Guide” by Lowell
  17. Monk Blesses Ramona: “Indian Patrol” by Geehl
  18. Indian Enters to Monk and Lady: “Indian Dawn” by Zamecnik (BROWN)
  19. I Make Camp: Repeat No. 7 (WHITE)
  20. The Morning Hymn: “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” by Mendelssohn
  21. Monk Makes Sign of Cross: “Southwestern Idyl” by Berge
  22. Alessandro Leaves Gate After Ramona Is Seen At Bird Cage: “Los Toros” by Lacome
  23. The First Sight of Ramona: Repeat No.18 (BROWN)
  24. Yes, Senorita: “Ramona” by Wayne (WHITE)
  25. Days Drifted Into Weeks: “La Media Noche” by Aviles
  26. Ramona Walks Off From Boy: Repeat No.18 (BROWN)
  27. In Three Days: Repeat No.24 (WHITE)
  28. Lovers Show After Woman In Black On Screen: “Treachery and Vengeance” by Fletcher
  29. Woman Pushes Ramona Back Screen: “The Enchanted Castle” by Marquardt (RED)
  30. In This Trunk: “Adagio Cantabile” by Ketelbey
  31. Ramona Has Handkerchief: “Appassionato in A Minor” by Savino
  32. You Have Been Cruel: “Tomahawk Dance” by Herman
  33. Ramona Packing Bundle: “Pelermage” by Franceschi
  34. Good-Bye Felipe: Repeat No.24 (WHITE)
  35. Good-Bye Ramona: “Affection” by Berge
  36. Ramona Gets Up After Praying: “La Golondrina” by Lake
  37. Felipe, I Have Never Heard You Sing: “Indian Dawn” by Zamecnik (BROWN)
  38. Alessandro On With Ramona: Repeat No.24 (WHITE)
  39. One Chorus And Segue: Repeat No.37 (BROWN)
  40. Fade-Out As Ramona Goes to Sleep: Repeat No.29 (RED)
  41. After Three Years: “Morning On The Plains” b y Wheelock
  42. Ramona On With Alessandro: Repeat No.37 (BROWN)
  43. Fade-Out of Ramona and Alessandro on Porch: Play “Two Miniature-Plaintive” by Harms
  44. Grave Scene: “La Furiana” by Roberts
  45. Vision of Dance: “Agitato Misterioso” by Becce
  46. Alessandro Enters Room: “The Last Lullaby” by Baron
  47. Alessandro Leads Horse To Door of House: “Redemption” by Zamecnik
  48. Interrupt With Sawing Wood Effect: Imitate Sawing Wood Effect on Organ or by Drummer
  49. Two scenes: “Melody of Peace” by Martin
  50. Into the Peaceful Valley: “Symphonic Color Classic No.1” by Kempinski (RED)
  51. Anticipate Outlaws Attack On Village: “Symphonic Color Classic No.1” by Kempinski (BLUE)
  52. Ramona Shows On Screen: Repeat No.50 “Symphonic Color Classic No.1” (RED)
  53. Ramona Drags Alessandro Back Into House: Repeat No.51 “Symphonic Color Classic No.1” (BLUE)
  54. House Shown Burning In Distance: “Symphonic Color Classic No.1” by Kempinski (GREEN and YELLOW)
  55. From San Diego: “Paroles d’Amour” by Tobani
  56. Far Above The Clouds: Repeat No.37 (BROWN)
  57. Close-Up of Horse On Screen: Repeat No.54 “Symphonic Color Classic No.1” (GREEN and YELLOW)
  58. Ramona Leaves House With Bucket: Repeat No.50 “Symphonic Color Classic No.1” (RED)
  59. Stop With Two Shots: Repeat No.51 “Symphonic Color Classic No.1” (BLUE)
  60. Ramona On With Alessandro: “Indian Dawn” by Zamecnik (BROWN)
  61. Fade-Out of Ramona and Alessandro: Repeat No.51 “Symphonic Color Classic No.1” (BLUE)
  62. Close-Up of Ramona Crying For Help: “Prayer at Eventide” by Elie
  63. Fade-Out of Sick Room: “The Wanderer’s Return” by Ketelbey
  64. Ramona Begins To Remember: “La Furiana” by Roberts (YELLOW)
  65. End of Dance: “Ramona” by Wayne (WHITE)

Proper rest period is Nos. 25 to 35 inclusive.

NOTE: The repetition of numbers in this cue sheet is simplified by the use of the “LUZ” SYMPHONIC COLOR GUIDE, sold by Music Buyers Corporation, 1520 Broadway, New York City. The color suggested for repetition of numbers designates the Mood or Emotion, and is used as a code for such repetitions.

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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