My Man

Title: My Man

Author: Michael Hoffman

Publisher: Descriptive Filmusic Co., 1929


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael Hoffman

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  1. At Screening of Title (Watch cuckoo in clock): “Smiles” by Somerville
  2. Fanny Brand: “Demoiselle Chic” by Fletcher
  3. Good-Bye, Dear (Catch 12 o’clock whistle): “Love Lesson” by Fresco
  4. Fanny Stands On Table: “Floradora Baby” by Popular
  5. I Warned You: “Agony of the Soul” by Becce THEME 1
  6. Up In The Head Is The Feathers (Song): “I’m An Indian” by Poular
  7. Thank You Very Much: “Pastime” by Clutsam THEME 2
  8. Joe Halsey: “Song of Romance” by Hoffman THEME 3
  9. Klein—From The Floor Below: THEME 2
  10. Edna Arrives Home, Sees Cake: “Disperazione” by Becce THEME 4
  11. But You Haven’t Answered: “Freischutz” by Weber
  12. (Letter) Waldo Theatrical Enterprises: “Golden Youth” by Rosey
  13. Pianist Plays Introduction and Fanny Sing: “Second Hand Rose” by Popular
  14. Very Good Miss Brad: THEME 2
  15. Since When Are You Too Busy: THEME 1
  16. Fanny Sings Again (Same Song): “Second Hand Rose” by Popular
  17. I Fear You Haven’t: “Solemn Thoughts” by Hoffman
  18. Dancer (fast dance and piano music): “My Blackbirds” by Friend
  19. Fade-Out of Dancer: THEME 3
  20. Couple At Table: THEME 2
  21. Ah Ha! The Muscle Man: “Wings of Love” by Fuzy
  22. Several Weeks Later: THEME 2
  23. Glad To See You: THEME 3
  24. Edna In Bed: “Zelma” by Haines
  25. An Annual Outing: “Etiquette Blues” by Bibo
  26. Pianist Starts and Fanny Sings (My Man) Lively: “My Man” by Popular
  27. Joe Runs Into Ocean: “Caprice” by Somerville
  28. Edna Reading Magazine: “Pleading” by Wood
  29. She Puts Down Phonograph Record Entitled (“Love’s Sweet Dream” Waltz) Starts Playing As She Takes Hands From Phonograph: “Waltz” by Victor Record
  30. Fanny’s Coming Out Now: THEME 4
  31. Fanny Hears (and sees) Phonograph Record: “Waltz” by Victor Record
  32. You and Fanny Are Not Suited: “Alone” by Francheschi
  33. Gee! Fanny You Look Great: THEME 1
  34. Edna Leaves House With Suit Case: “Sad Thoughts” by Patou
  35. Joe’s Downstairs: “Jane” by Bibo
  36. Fanny Sings Very Slowly Chorus MY MAN: “My Man” by Popular
  37. Song Ends: “You and I” by Lotter
  38. Theatre Sign RAINBOW REVIEW: “Fox Trot”
  39. This Great Success: THEME 4
  40. Joe Leaves Edna In Seat: “Marvelous” by Rose & Breen
  41. Fanny In Long Dress Again Sings MY MAN. Continue My Man in March Tempo As Encore and As Exit March: “My Man” by Popular

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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