All at Sea

Title: All at Sea

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1929


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At screening: “He’s the Last Word” by Donaldson
  2. Sailor pulls seat back off chair: “Are We Downhearted? No!” by Davis
  3. Sailors fight in aisle: “American National Melodies” by Asher
  4. Sailors sit down in seats: “Flirting Lovers:” by Kempinski
  5. Banana skin on floor: “O Mister” by Frey
  6. Sailor hypnotized: “Spring Song” by Mendelssohn
  7. If you could only cook: “A Breezy Evening” by Howgill
  8. This Marine says: “Panic” by Varnier
  9. Sailor lying on floor: “Midnight Parade” by Marquardt
  10. ‘Cause you’re in the Navy now: “The Simpleton” by Delille
  11. Play once and segue: “Parade of the Mummers” by Schoenfeld
  12. After three weeks: “Colonial Bogey” by Chappell
  13. Sailors halt—stack rifles: “Silly Billy” by Bendix
  14. Stop abrupt with crash as big gun is fired: “The Town Clown” by Lake
  15. There’s the Marine base: “Happy Moods” by Marquardt
  16. Either get us: “Merry Pranks” by Rapee-Axt
  17. The gobs gave: “We Love It” by Warren
  18. Dancers stop and sit down: “Rendez-vous Valse” by Rosey
  19. Woman hypnotizes sailor: “Burlesque on Lange’s Flower Song” by Kempinski
  20. Fireman turns on water in hose: “On the Track” by Bub
  21. What do you think: “Nuthin’ Doin’” by Chappell
  22. Sailor at girl’s door: “Love Bound” Rupp (WHITE)
  23. Crowd of sailors get into fire trucks: “The Speedway” by Bub
  24. Play once and segue: “Storm Galop” by Komzak
  25. Life net shown: “Allegro Buffonesco” by Kempinski
  26. Shake, old pal: Repeat No. 22 (WHITE)

Notes: Cues transcribed by James Doering

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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