The Matinee Idol

Title: The Matinee Idol

Author: Eugene Conte

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Eugene Conte

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  1. At Screening: “Manhattan” by Rodgers
  2. Backstage: “My Special Friend” by Johnson
  3. Well, What Do You Think: “Scherzo Primo” by Conterno
  4. Forty Years Ago: “Allegro Buffonesco
  5. Say, Listen Kid: “Ripples” by Lowitz
  6. Ginger Leaves Tent: “The Simpleton” by Delille
  7. Ginger Sits On Floor With Boy: “I Love You” by Archer
  8. They Get Up From Floor: Repeat No.5 “Ripples”
  9. Man Leaves Trunk: “Tell Me Pretty Maiden” by Stuart
  10. Who Is That Helen of Troy: Repeat No.6 “The Simpleton”
  11. Act—Curtain Rises: “Tramp, Tramp, Tramp” by Seredy
  12. Good-bye Darling: “Good-by Dolly Gray” by Morse
  13. Ginger Leaves Stage: “Prelude In G Minor” by Rachmaninoff
  14. War Is Hell: “Agitato Misterioso” by Becce
  15. Curtain Comes Down: “Battle Music” by Riesenfeld
  16. Do I Come On Now?: “Hearts and Flowers” by Tobani
  17. I Love You: Repeat No.7 “I Love You”
  18. Die, You Poor Sap: “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” by Seredy
  19. Curtain Comes Down: Repeat No.5 “Ripples”
  20. Ginger Seen At Table: “The Joker” by Srawley
  21. So The Bolivars Came: Repeat No.2 “My Special Friend”
  22. End of Song—Boy Kneels At Ginger’s Feet: “Rosette” by Claypoole
  23. Ginger Enters Boy’s Dressing Room: Repeat No.5 “Ripples”
  24. In the Boarding House: “The Jesters” by Carbonara
  25. Change To Dancing: “Four Walls” by Jolson
  26. Exterior: THEME “Your Love Is All” by Zamecnik
  27. Say, You May Be A Star: “Two In A Bar” by Copping
  28. Gee, I Had A Wonderful Time: “Dream Kisses” by Jerome
  29. Opening Night: Repeat No.27 “Two In A Bar”
  30. Black Face Comedian Singing: Repeat No.2 “My Special Friend”
  31. And Now Folks: “Scherzo Serioso” by Lowitz
  32. Change To Stage Dancing: “Reel News” by Kaufman
  33. Insert—The Bolivar Players: Repeat No.11 “Tramp, Tramp, Tramp”
  34. I’m Off For The War: Repeat No.12 “Good-bye Dolly Gray”

SEGUE: “Prelude In G Minor” by Rachmaninoff

  1. There Is Something Wrong: “Joyous Appassionato” by Carbonara
  2. Curtain Rises: Repeat No.14 “Agitato Misterioso”
  3. Negro Soldier On Stage: “Colored Soldiers On Parade” by McHugh
  4. What Are You Laughing At?: “Tragic Moments” by Becce
  5. Why You’re Harry Masin: Repeat Theme No.26
  6. Ginger Enters Father’s Room: “Misery” by Jacquet
  7. Ginger sees Boy: Repeat Theme No.26

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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