Title: Experience

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Famous Players-Lansky Corp., 1921


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At screening: Petite Suite de Concert by Coleridge Taylor
  2. Youth and love: Summer by Chaminade
  3. Where love abides: Song Without Words by Rebikov
  4. In the quiet valleys: A Shepherd’s Tale by Nevin (Arcady Suite)
  5. Why waste your time: An Old Love Story by Conti
  6. Ambition leaves: Mother by Romberg
  7. The eternal song: Lead Kindly Light (Hymn)
  8. I can’t let you go to city: Mother by Romberg
  9. And in the parting hour: Little Mother of Mine by Burleigh
  10. You’re not going to be unhappy: Good Bye, Good Luck by Ball
  11. For the first time: Serenade by Tarenghi
  12. Iris in mother: Boy of Mine by Ball (Refrain)
  13. It takes all sort of people: Air de Ballet by Borch
  14. Iris in mother at organ: Lead Kindly Light (Hymn) or Mother by Romberg
  15. Iris in Broadway: Home Again Blues by Berlin
  16. Excitement: Sparkling Trot by Lynde
  17. Flash back mother: Abide with Me (Hymn)
  18. Flash back café: Charming by Joyce
  19. Telegraph office: Nocturne by Chopin (Op. 48, No. 1)
  20. Iris in dancer: Russiska March by Olson
  21. Dancer leaves floor: Serenade by Rachmaninoff
  22. I love you: LOVE THEME: At Dawning by Cadman
  23. Long weeks pass: Chanson Triste by Tchaikowsky
  24. Iris in wild dancing: Hungarian Fantasy by Tobani
  25. Love at entrance to Primrose path: LOVE THEME: At Dawning by Cadman
  26. The corridors of chance: Gold and Silver by Lincke
  27. Love fondly waits: LOVE THEME: At Dawning by Cadman
  28. Man takes money from proprietor: Agitato No. 3 by Langey
  29. Night in park: Romance by Karagnoff
  30. And in the evening: Romance Senza Parole by Soro
  31. Love with unwavering faith: LOVE THEME: At Dawning by Cadman
  32. But work is not always: Get Together by MacClure
  33. Frailty: Serenade by Tolselli
  34. Slumming party enter: All By Myself by Berlin
  35. Man discovers pocket book missing: Agitato No. 3 by Langey
  36. Pianist starts playing: Rose by Biese
  37. Frailty joins youth on street: Un Peu D’Amour by Silesu
  38. You can have this now: Mother by Romberg
  39. Wharf: Kunihild by Kistler
  40. Iris in church: Lead Kindly Light (Hymn)
  41. And then at last: Home Sweet Home (Old Song)
  42. Love comes from house: LOVE THEME: At Dawning by Cadman
  43. But youth: Canzonetta by Godard
  44. They meet ambition at gate: LOVE THEME: At Dawning by Cadman


Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder

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