The Fair Co-Ed

Title: The Fair Co-Ed

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1927


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

OCLC Number:


  1. At screening: Good News by Henderson
  2. Salesman badge shows on book: Humpty Dumpty’s Funeral March by Brandeis
  3. Burlesque burial of auto plates: Varsity Drag by Henderson
  4. Hearse shows on screen: There’s a Boatman on the Volga by Whiting
  5. College boy gets into Marion Davies’ auto: Radio Message by Baron
  6. Marion Davies gets out of auto: Entrance of the Heroes by Herbert
  7. Were thou a man: He’s a Ladies’ Man by Henderson
  8. Auto stops again – Marion Davies gets out: Repeat No. 2 (BROWN)
  9. Close your cut out: Girl I Left Behind Me by Loesch
  10. One scene: The Best Things in Life Are Free by Henderson (WHITE)
  11. Invite us to your wedding: 20th Century Galop by Bub
  12. Marion Davies lying on ground: Danse Passion by Zamecnik
  13. The co-ed’s dormitory: Lucky in Love by Henderson
  14. May I borrow your vase: An Odd Number by Davis
  15. Fade-out of Marion Davies with Rose: Zephyrs by Schoenfeld
  16. I’m glad to see you out for the team: Repeat No. 10 (WHITE)
  17. Gee but you look swell: Shoot by Kaufman
  18. During the first week: Repeat No. 3 “Varsity Drag”
  19. Exterior scene: Valsette by Sanderson
  20. Marion Davies jumps out through window: Hasty Moments by Savino (LIGHT BLUE)
  21. Up on your puppies: Freshie by Greer
  22. Freshman with flypaper runs off: Repeat No. 20 (LIGHT BLUE)
  23. Marion Davies in tree: Repeat No. 10 (WHITE)
  24. I was afraid: Repeat No. 13 “Lucky in Love”
  25. Marion Davies puts her head up close to fraternity pin: Mountain Laurel by Allen
  26. Fade-out of gym scene: In the Bungalow by Langey
  27. Why didn’t you pass to Betty: Whims by Savino
  28. At Pop’s soda store: Humpty Dumpty’s Funeral March by Brandeis (BROWN)
  29. Ah, it looks like: Reconciliation by Drigo
  30. Boy breaks mirror: Lt. Romantic Theme No. 2 by Luz

SEGUE: Humpty Dumpty’s Funeral March by Brandeis (BROWN)

  1. Claxton’s goat – sign: Repeat No. 20 (LIGHT BLUE)
  2. Yea, Dixon: The Best Things in Life are Free by Henderson (WHITE)
  3. Marion Davies enters her room: March Blue by Lake
  4. The night of the Claxton game: Andantino Idillio by Drigo (Drigo’s Cinema Classics)
  5. And watch little Rosie’s dust too: Play Ball by Kaufman
  6. Revolver shot: Whispering Hope by Dews
  7. Girls embrace: Pins and Needles by Kaufman

SEGUE: The Plunger by Allen

  1. Shoot: Good News by Henderson
  2. Boy pulls Marion Davies out of gang into other room: The Best Things in Life are Free by Henderson


Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


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