The Main Event

Title: The Main Event

Author: Rudolph Berliner

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Rudolph Berliner

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  1. At Screening: “Stand Up and Fight Like H—” by Cohan
  2. Couple Seen Dancing: “The Merry Widow” by Lehar
  3. Dancers Stop Dancing: “Miss Blue Eyes” by Bergh
  4. Flash—Boxers Fighting In Ring: “Red Pepper” by Lodge
  5. But I’m His Sweetheart: “I Love My Baby” by Warren
  6. The Morning Papers: “He’s The Last Word” by Donaldson
  7. Insert—Engine Wheels: “The Limited Express” by Scholes
  8. Fade-In—Porter With Trunks: “The Land of Joy” by Valverde
  9. Electric Sign—Girl Dancer: “Soubrette” by Silbert
  10. Glory and Partner Dancing: Repeat No.2 “Merry Widow”
  11. Glory and Partner Stop Dancing: “Ain’t She Sweet?” by Ager
  12. Glory in Room with Margie: Repeat No.3 “Miss Blue Eyes”
  13. The Training Grind: “Jolly Trotters” by Gillet
  14. Fade-In—Johnnie In Gymnasium: “Quick Action” by Zimmerman
  15. Fade-In—Red Lucas and Margie In Room: “Murmuring Breezes” by Gillet
  16. Glory Appears: Repeat No.3 “Miss Blue Eyes”
  17. I Busted It: “Premonition” by Zamecnik
  18. Johnnie Seen In Room: “Gonna Get a Girl” by Ash
  19. Night After Night: “Linger Awhile” by Rose
  20. And So Johnnie’s Chance: “Midnight Waltz” by Donaldson
  21. Weeks of Glorious Nights: “Keep Going” by Kleinecke
  22. Johnnie Crawls Out of Ring: “Reproach” by Zamecnik
  23. Johnnie Had Said: “Social Chat” by Eugene
  24. Dad leaves Room: “Quandry” by Schad
  25. Johnnie Enters Room: “Following You Around” by Kahn
  26. But There’s Nothing Phoney: “When Eyes of Blue Are Fooling You” by Monaco
  27. Johnnie Falls Asleep: “Love Song” by Nevin
  28. Lucas and Margie Enter: “Entreaty” by Zamecnik
  29. I’m Sick of the: “The Awakening” by Zamecnik
  30. The Night Of The: “Perpetual Motion” by Borch
  31. Glory and Dad Enter Johnnie’s Room: “Miracle of Love” by McKee
  32. Johnnie Sees Glory: Repeat No.18 “Gonna Get A Girl”
  33. Boy Opens Door: “The Bravado” by Axt
  34. Lucas Leaves Room: “Disillusioned” by Srawley
  35. Of Course It’s True: “Appassionato Dramatico” by Berge
  36. The Main Event: Repeat No.1 “Stand Up and Fight Like H—”
  37. After Bell Rings: “Furioso No.89” by Berge
  38. After Bell Rings—End of First Round: “Eccitamento” by Retlaw
  39. Insert—Bell Rings For Second Round: “Furioso” by Savino
  40. After Bell Rings—End of Round Two: “Allegro Precipitoso” by Savino
  41. Insert—Bell Rings For Round Three: “Furioso No.4” by Bergunker
  42. Seven, Eight, Nine, Out!: Tympani Roll—Orchestra Tacet
  43. Man Raises Johnnie’s Hand: “The Thoroughbred” by Englemann
  44. Glory and Dad Outside Johnnie’s Room: “Someone Loves You, After All” by Tierney
  45. Johnnie Sits Down: “I’m Sitting On Top of the World” by Henderson

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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