San Francisco Nights

Title: San Francisco Nights

Author: Joseph E. Zivelli

Publisher: Gotham Production, 1928

Series: A Zivelli Cue Sheet

Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Joseph E. Zivelli

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THEME: “Chant D’Amour” by Jacquet

FLO THEME: “The Glad Girl” by Remick

RED THEME: “The Jesters” by Robbins

FLASH THEME: “Evil Intentions” by Kempinski

  1. At Screening: “Shadow of the Night” by Marks
  2. Girl Running: “Evil Plotter” by Zamecnik
  3. John Shuts Window: “Fleeting Shadows” by Sanders
  4. What Do These Men Want: FLO THEME
  5. Red: RED THEME
  6. Remember—No Funny Business: “Divertissement” by Banes
  7. Doorbell: “Sinistra” by Schultze
  8. John’s Wife Leaves: THEME
  9. Red Wakes Up: RED THEME
  10. The Pat Is Long: “Amerinda” by Smith
  11. Orchestra Plays: “Winnebago” by Allen
  12. You’re The Champion: FLO THEME
  13. Flo Sees John: “Despondency” by Williams
  14. Orchestra Plays: “harmony Rag” by Nichols
  15. Flash Strikes John: “Evil Motive” by Robbins
  16. John Brought Into Room: “Evening Melody” by St. Clair
  17. Ruth—Ruth Why Did: THEME
  18. Red At Stove: RED THEME
  19. Rain: “Oh Boy—How It Was Raining” by Berlin
  20. Flo Greets John: FLO THEME
  21. They Breakfast: “Charming” by Zivelli
  22. Flo Starts Phonograph: “A Little Later On” by Cobb
  23. Barbary Coast Was: “The Walking Frog” by King
  24. I Don’t Know: “Dramatic Andante” by Kempinski
  25. Dancers: “Carbolic Acid” by Weley
  26. Party Seated: “Batty Bill” by Anthony
  27. John Recognizes Wife: THEME
  28. I’m Pulling This: “Sarcasm” by Kempinski
  29. John and Wife In Cab: “THEME
  30. Morning Sunlight: “Second Misterioso” by Savino
  31. Perhaps I Can Help: “Gloaming” by Kempinski
  32. Newspaper Insert: “Silver Sandels” by Moore
  33. Flash Enters: FLASH THEME
  34. Police Enter: “Agitato No.1” by Kempinski
  35. Brooding: FLASH THEME
  36. John and Police Sergeant: “Frivolous Patrol” by Schrimer
  37. Weeks of Separation: “Serena” by Harms
  38. Flash and John: FLASH THEME
  39. Flo and John: “Had I But Known” by Axt
  40. Red Enters: RED THEME
  41. Red Throws Flo Aside: “Imprecations” by Baron
  42. You’re Not Cold-Blooded: “Wistful Longings” by Baron
  43. He’s Nothing: “Love Is Best Of All” by Herbert

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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