Captain Lash

Title: Captain Lash

Author: Michael P. Kreuger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1929


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At screening: “Heave Ho” by Copping
  2. I happen to be going: “Oh You Beautiful Doll” by Ayer
  3. Captain Lash seen entering girl’s room: “Goofy Gob” by McDonald
  4. The Campbells are coming: “The Campbells Are Coming” by Lake
  5. Captain Lash escapes thru window: Repeat No. 3 “Goofy Gob”
  6. Captain Lash and Cocky seen at bar: “A Hot Time” by Beyer
  7. Captain Lash sits down at table: “She Was Just a Sailor’s Sweetheart” by Burke
  8. Husband of blonde girl walking in street: “Warriors Bold” by Joels
  9. The Campbells are coming: Repeat No. 4 “The Campbells Are Coming”
  10. Husband sees Captain Lash: Repeat No. 8 “Warriors Bold”
  11. Fight starts: “Help! Help!” by Kovacs
  12. Captain Lash and mate in street: Repeat No. 3 “Goofy Gob”
  13. Automobile drives up: “Agitato a la Valse” by Savino
  14. Horse and carriage racing thru street: “Farcical Allegro” by Aborn
  15. I-I’m, sorry: THEME – “To Know You Is To Love You” by Henderson
  16. Ship seen in ocean: “A Cryptic Sea Tale” by Sibelius
  17. Far above the seething: “En Visite” by McDonald
  18. Change of scene back to boiler room: “Chantyman’s Song” from On the Briny by Carr
  19. Inspection party seen: “Cheero” by Finck
  20. Mate sees girl’s legs: Repeat No. 3 “Goofy Gob”
  21. Captain Lash sees girl: Repeat Theme No. 15
  22. Stand up you slacker: “Fire and Destruction” by Becce
  23. Change of scene to hospital: “Pleureuse” by Brunelli
  24. I’ll always remember: Repeat Theme No. 15
  25. Insert of chief officer’s log: “Secret of the Sea” by Zamecnik
  26. She’s a real lady: Repeat Theme No. 15
  27. Three decks up: “Hidden Charms” by Mosay
  28. And women were made to fascinate: “Agitated Appassionato” by Kilenyi
  29. Girl leaves room: “Incidental Symphony No. 6” by Kempinski
  30. Change of scene back to Captain Lash: Repeat No. 3 “Goofy Gob”
  31. Play somethin’ with more soul: THEME – “To Know You Is To Love You” by Henderson
  32. Attendant enters with basket of fruit: Repeat No. 3 “Goofy Gob”
  33. Girl enters hospital: Repeat Theme No. 15
  34. I can’t explain now: “A Mysterious Fable” by Juon
  35. Change of scene to Captain and jewel collector: “A Contrapuntal Misterioso” by Schad
  36. Singapore: “In Pekin” by Ansell
  37. The port matron wishes: “Second Misterioso a la Valse” by Savino
  38. Change of scene to Captain Lash and mate: Repeat No. 25 “Secret of the Sea”
  39. Girl leaves port matron’s quarters: Repeat No. 36 “In Pekin”
  40. Change of scene back to Captain Lash and mate: Repeat No. 25 “Secret of the Sea”
  41. Don’t you want me to go: “Eruption” by Dubensky
  42. Captain Lash leaves cabin: “He’s Me Pal” by Edwards
  43. Girl greets Captain Lash: Repeat No. 7 “She Was Just a Sailor’s Sweetheart”
  44. Girl sees mate: Repeat No. 3 “Goofy Gob”
  45. It’s all your fault: “Comic Conversation” by Aborn
  46. E’s flyin’ high now: “Sobbing” by Baron
  47. Captain Lash seen: “A Mysterious Event” by Zamecnik
  48. Change of scene back to mate and babe at table: “What a Fool I Was” by Gusman
  49. Change of scene to bandits’ apartment: “Stalking the Prey” by Kempinski
  50. Captain Lash visits girl: Repeat Theme No. 15
  51. Girl opens envelope: “Uneasiness” by Borch
  52. Come across with those rubies: “Hell Hath No Fury” by Carr
  53. Fight starts: “Mortal Combat” by Lowitz
  54. Officers enter apartment: “Symphonic Incidentals No. 19” by Marquardt
  55. Better ‘ave another: Repeat No. 48 “What a Fool Io Was”
  56. Mate starts to play concertina: Repeat No. 3 “Goofy Gob”
  57. Offices seen in street: Short pause – SEGUE – “Goofy Gob” by McDonald
  58. Wot’s up? A fight?: “Suite Domestica No. 1” by Riesenfeld
  59. Officers leave: Repeat No. 42 “He’s Me Pal”
  60. Go on an’ cheer ‘er up: “That’s How I Feel About You” by Davis

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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