If I Were Single

Title: If I Were Single

Author: Michael Hoffman

Publisher: Tax-Free Filmusic Co., 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael Hoffman

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NOTE: Missing Taxable Cues

  1. At Screening of Title: “Cherry Ripe” by Cussans
  2. Record starts Playing: “King Triumph” by Hubbel
  3. End of Exercises: “Smiles” by Somerville
  4. May—Call A Carpenter: “Mandolinata” by Paladilhe
  5. Woman in Auto: “Babette” by Colin
  6. May Was Fond: “You and I” by Lotter
  7. So You Play The Piano: “Little More Pepper” by Lincoln
  8. I Was Driving Along: “Destruction” by Hoffman
  9. The Child Was Helpless: “Facing Death” by Becce
  10. Suddenly she Opened: “Caprecietta” by Varley
  11. Would You Mind: “Jollification” by Noyes
  12. Hand Bag On Floor: “Green Vipers” by Hoffman
  13. Oh! Fairest One: “Passion Flowers” by Somerville
  14. Be A Sport: “Loitering Shadows” by Hoffman
  15. Lights Up (Teacher On Sofa): “Pastime” by Clutsam
  16. Joan Dear, You Must: “June Charmant” by Godin
  17. Ted Winds Clock: “Demoiselle Chic” by Fletcher
  18. When The Cat’s: “Wings of Love” by Fizy
  19. Ted At Phone: “Creeping Spooks” by Hoffman
  20. Does Miss Joan Whitley Live: “Kiddy” by Lattan
  21. 3 A.M. With Nothing: “Dovce Recontre” by Marie
  22. (CARD) Nathaniel Waterman: “Elfantanz” by Lehar
  23. May Took Advantage: “Afterglow” by Clutsam
  24. Ted Eats The Soup: “Zazra” by Bowen
  25. Teddy, It’s All My Fault: “Song of Romance” by Hoffman
  26. Bell Rings and Joan Arrives: “Love Eyes” by Zamecnik
  27. You Poor Boy: “Distress” by Breil
  28. May At Phone: “Corinella” by Lee
  29. How Dare You Order: “Vengeance” by Francheschi
  30. Ted Leaves House: “Amour Decu” by Borch
  31. Auto Returns To Garage: “Plotting” by Rosey
  32. I Think You’re A Brute: “Flirting Waves” by Taubert
  33. Some Nit-Wit Locked: “The Tormentor” by Hoffman
  34. Hold-Up Men Drive Away: “Mirabilis” by Smid
  35. Where Do You Get: “Zelma” by Haines
  36. After An Eight Mile: “Merry Playmate” by Howgill
  37. May Carries Grips Into Room: CHORD

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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