Hangman’s House

Title: Hangman’s House

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At Screening: “The Breath of an Irish Smile” by Bowers
  2. With the French: “Marche Arabe” by Ganne
  3. Commandant Hogan is Safely Back: “La Pere de la Victoire” by Ganne
  4. Victor McLaglen Receives Note: “Karma” by Herbert
  5. Ireland – Such a Little Place: “A Little Bit of Heaven” by Ball
  6. Hangman’s House: Repeat No.4 “Karma”
  7. Baron O’Brien: “Dilemma” by Savino
  8. Fade-In to Gallows: Repeat No.4 “Karma”
  9. Fade-In to Woman Screaming: “The Torture Chamber from ‘Gruesome Tales’” by Rapee
  10. Girl and Dog Appear: Repeat No.1 “The Breath of an Irish Smile”
  11. My Father Is Near Death: “Macushla Asthore” by Ball
  12. Fade-In to People at Dining Table: “Dram. Tension No.6” by Zamecnik
  13. Change of Scene to Exterior: Repeat No.5 “A Little Bit of Heaven”
  14. Can You Tell Me the Way: “The Blarney Stone” by Engleman
  15. Heaven Preserve Us! Glenmalure’s: “Symphonic Incidentals No.10” by Marquardt
  16. Change of Scene to Wedding Ceremny: “O Promise Me” by DeKoven
  17. Change of Scene to Exterior: “White Cockade” by Lake
  18. Change of Scene to Interior of House: Repeat No.11 “Macushla”
  19. Wedding Group Enter Father’s Library: “Smilin’ Thru” by Penn
  20. Conn Approaches Dermot: Repeat No.1 “The Breath of an Irish Smile”
  21. John D’Arcy Approaches Dermot: Repeat No.4 “Karma”
  22. O’Brien Sees Visions In Fireplace: Repeat No.9 “The Torture Chamber”
  23. Fade-In To Exterior and Hogan: “Cortege” by Rapee-Axt
  24. You Shouldn’t Drink Now: “Dramatic Reproach” by Berge
  25. D’Arcy Sees Hogan: “Phedre Overture” by Massenet
  26. Change of Scene Back to Wake: “The Tragic Discovery” by Patou
  27. D’Arcy Calls Wife Over to Him: “Dram. Tension No.44” by Borch
  28. Gray Days: “Molly On the Shore” by Grainger
  29. Young Man Takes Conn’s Hand: Repeat No.1 “The Breath of an Irish Smile”
  30. Stephen’s Day: “Ireland’s Pride” by Schiller
  31. Miss O’Brien’s Jockey: “Panicy Agitato” by Berge
  32. D’Arcy!: “Camorra” by Joels
  33. It’s Hogan – They Call Him: “Dramatic Tension” by Axt
  34. Dermot, Sir, The Bard’s: “Fuga” by Gabriel Marie
  35. Dermot I’m Fearful to Have You: Repeat No.1 “The Breath of an Irish Smile”
  36. Dermot Gets on Horse: “Minor Agitato” by Berge
  37. They’re Off!: “In the Meadows from ‘Countryside Suite’” by Coates
  38. The Bard Wins!: “At the Race Course” by Puerner
  39. D’Arcy Seen in Stable Room: “Desperation” by Schad
  40. Pistol Shot: “Tumult” by Verdi
  41. Officers Rescue D’Arcy from Mob: “Angoscisamente” by Gabriel Marie
  42. The Bullet that Dropped: “Day of Doom” by Joels
  43. Fight Starts: “Help! Help!” by Kovacs
  44. Change of Scene to Prison: “Mysterious Tension” by Axt
  45. Shooting Starts: “Commotion” by Minot
  46. Change of Scene to Conn and Dermot: Repeat No.1 “The Breath of an Irish Smile”
  47. Change of Scene to Hogan in Café: “Anelante” by Gabriel Marie
  48. Dermot Enters Hogan’s Room: “Heart O’Dreams” by Zamecnik
  49. All the News I Have is Bad: Repeat No.11 “Macushla”
  50. Would to God We Were: Repeat No.1 “The Breath of an Irish Smile”
  51. Back to Hangman’s House: “The Awakening” by Zamecnik
  52. Conn Enters Dermot’s House: Repeat No.1 “The Breath of an Irish Smile”
  53. There’s Creepy Doings: “Misterioso Erotico” by Heymann
  54. I’m Surprised to See You: “Ferocity” by Carrozzini
  55. D’Arcy Sees Hogan: “Salvo” by Gabriel Marie
  56. Pistol Shot: “Excitement” by Breil
  57. Fire is Over: Repeat No.1 “The Breath of an Irish Smile”Segue: “Machushla Asthore” by Ball

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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